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Martin Burrett

Using Online Maps in your teacher - 0 views

    Great set of tools and ideas for using maps to take students to places there may never visit in reality.
    Great set of tools and ideas for using maps to take students to places there may never visit in reality.

NCERT Solutions - 0 views

    NCERT solutions are prepared by teachers and subject experts at Teach Learn Web. Solutions are prepared detailed, step by step for all questions in an NCERT text book for quick understanding and easy access. NCERT Solutions are very helpful for students in home works, when preparing for examination or tests.
Nigel Coutts

Making the most of Bloom's Taxonomy - 29 views

    Spend time in any school talking to teachers and even students about thinking and learning and you are likely to hear the phrase 'Bloom's taxonomy' passed around. More than likely you will see it displayed on a wall as a set of processes learners engage with when working in the cognitive domain but how might we maximise the benefits of Bloom's Taxonomy?
Eduspire Org

5 Steps to Successful Green Screening - Eduspire - 0 views

    Have you ever wanted to try green screening but didn't know where to start? Start with the $2.99 iPad app Green Screen by Do Ink ! It's simple, easy and fun to use! There is no account to create. Just install the app and follow these 5 steps: Set up your green screen background for your videos.
Nigel Coutts

The Joy of Teaching - 14 views

    For teachers in Australia the year is drawing rapidly to a close. It is a time for packing away classrooms, taking down displays of student learning and saying farewell to students as they move on to new classes. At the ending of one year it is worth taking a moment to ponder what is so remarkable about teaching as a profession.
    You can watch this nursery rhymes video.A love for nursery rhymes opens the door to creativity.It gives the joy for kids.Try it.
    goodby 2015 welcome 2016 to all friends
Janet Allen

Pics 4 Learning - 33 views

    Thousands of copyright free and copyright friendly images and photos for teachers and students.
    Copyright friendly images
    Great site for copyright free images
Education Zen

Student Information Systems SCHOOLZEN - 0 views

    Cloud based Software to power your school. Centralize data and provide access anytime, anywhere. EMPOWER teachers, students and parents with insights for improvement

Formatting and presenting your assignments - 1 views

Make sure your assignment format should be proper alignment and have solid presentation and have marks especially for presentation. The marks gaining material is arranging and format, word check, P...

education learning

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Grammar-Quizzes: Practice on Points of English Grammar (ESL/ELL) - 32 views

shared by shelbyrubottom on 05 Jan 12 - Cached
    " is an open educational resource for understanding, learning and practicing English grammar usage. These materials present simple grammar concepts and are most appropriate for non-native speakers, but also include practices that could be used for K-12 native speakers" (Mission, ¶1, 2012.01.05).
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    **** English grammar: exercises and theory
    This Site helps teachers with grammar lessons and also lets the students study and absorb more vocabulary and grammar words.
    Wow! Great resource. I will learn a lot with this site. Thanks, Shelby!
Walter Antoniotti

Students Personal Finance - 2 views

Students Personal Finance Internet Library has learning materials for students of all ages, parents, and teachers.

education learning resources teaching video

started by Walter Antoniotti on 18 Jul 17 no follow-up yet
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