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Garth Holman

Implementing 21st Century Skills - Blog - 0 views

  • Garth, Steph and I are currently listening to Alan November speak at a technology conference at Bowling Green State University.  He started with a question: "what is the most important skill we should be teaching students?".  Alan then said thathat the president of HSBC, West Point University and a college professor all said that it should be EMPATHY.  Interesting talk Mr. November is giving about all the ways we, as teachers, should be using technology, but he is very pessimistic about teachers changing, giving students more control and bringing social networking into the classroom.  Great talking points, lots to think about.  More from the road as it occurs.
  • I read Harry Wong's First Days of School years ago.  I bought in to his ideas on teaching rules and procedures for the first days of school.  However, doing that on the first day of school made me just like everyone else.  That is not me, I am not everyone else.  I stand at the door and greet my students.  At th
    Students as Historians, project video up to view. #sschat #project #historyteacher #edchat
Tom Daccord

Teaching History With Technology - 1 views

  • presents The Center for Teaching History with Technology, a resource created to help K-12 history and social studies teachers incorporate technology effectively into their courses. Find resources for histlaptop classory and social studies lesson plans, activities, projects, games, and quizzes that use technology. Explore inquiry-based lessons, activities, and projects. Learn about new and emerging technologies such as blogs, podcasts, wikis, ipods, and online social networks and explore innnovative ways of integrating them into the curriculum. Find out how others are using technology in the classroom.
Judy Robison

Shout! Explore. Connect. Act. - 39 views

    Shout, will help teachers integrate project-based learning to develop students' problem-solving skills by having them team up with their peers around the globe to solve real-world challenges.
Tero Toivanen

Maps ETC Homepage - 29 views

    Historic maps for students & teachers Welcome to ETC's collection of historic maps. Here you will find over 5,000 maps representing many different time periods. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 25 maps in non-commercial school projects without further permission. All maps are available as GIF or JPEG files for screen display as well as in PDF for printing. Use the GIF or JPEG maps for classroom presentations and student websites. Use the PDF maps for displays, bulletin boards, and printed school reports.
Judy Robison

Project Vote Smart's VoteEasy ™ - 11 views

    great activity for government classes good example of interactivity
Judy Robison

Avalon Project - Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy - 13 views

    documents from 4000 bce through today
Judy Robison

SpinSpotter, A New Browser Plugin To Help Spot Media Bias - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    With so many Americans getting their news online instead of in a daily newspaper, SpinSpotter decided to use the power of the web and all its many users to combat the growing trend of media bias. How? Simple: by making you the editor. With the new browser plugin from SpinSpotter, you can edit and share any sign of bias on the web.
    intresting class project for an election year!
Steve Ransom

sttp - 36 views

    This is the kind of learning students really dive in to, learn so much from, and never forget. How many NY State middle school and high school teachers will pass on it because they have too much to teach? The irony...
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