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David Wetzel

Tips and Tricks for Finding Science and Math Images on the Web - 0 views

    Like everything else on the Internet, trying to find images is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Without the right tools for finding science and math images on the web it is often an impossible, or at least mind-numbing, task. What is needed are search engines which make the job easier. This is where the tips and tricks provided below help this seemingly impossible task by using the top search Web 2.0 search engines and tools available today. These are valuable resources for both you and your students when trying to find just the right image for lesson or project involving digital media.
David Wetzel

How to Integrate Google Docs in Science and Math Like a Pro - 0 views

    Strategies are provided for classroom integration, creating survey, and science or math activities.
GoEd Online

101 Websites for Science Teachers - 0 views

    Boldly go where no science teacher has gone before! Your continuing mission: to discover useful new sites, to integrate them into your lesson plans and to giggle at this corny Star Trek reference. Silliness aside, my love for science grew from watching the crew of the starship Enterprise warp around the galaxy as they encountered previously unknown phenomena, worlds and civilizations.
David Wetzel

5 Most Popular Teach Science and Math Posts for August 2010 - 1 views

    These popular posts include using Wolfram, LiveBinders, Twitter, Flip Cameras, and iPod touch apps in science and math.
Tero Toivanen

Cognitive Extension and the Web - ECS EPrints Repository - 0 views

  • Web resources and technologies are apt for potent forms of cognitive extension and incorporation, we may fully expect such resources and technologies to fundamentally transfigure the space of human thought and reason.
  • Our analysis suggests that the Web is capable of participating in the external realization of (at least some) human mental states, but that further work is required to leverage its full potential.
  • We conclude that the Web does constitute a potentially important element of the bio-technological matrix associated with mind and cognition; however, we suggest that further technological innovation is required to enable it to participate in the external realization of human mental states and processes.
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  • continued study of the psycho-cognitive effects of the Web should, we argue, be key elements of a mature web science discipline.
    Cognitive Extension and the Web Smart, P. R., Engelbrecht, P. C., Braines, D., Strub, M. and Hendler, J. A. (2009) Cognitive Extension and the Web. In: Web Science Conference: Society On-Line, 18th-20th March 2009, Athens, Greece.
Raksha Patel

Ijsrd - Plurk - 0 views

    Now, a dedicated lifetime online space for science research scholars to share their work globally. IJSRD is an India's leading open access e-journal for all kinds of science, engineering & technologies manuscript. We publish original and high quality papers
Nigel Coutts

Is STEM the key? - 13 views

    In June 2014, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP acknowledged the significant role that STEM is to play in the nations future. 'There will be significant emphasis in boosting our focus on science, science, engineering and maths because science is at the heart of a country's competitiveness and it is important that we do not neglect science as we look at the general educational and training schemes.' But what does this mean for schools?
J Black

Top News - On the way: Nation's first tech-literacy exam - 0 views

    Beginning in 2012, the test will measure students' proficiency with technology in addition to reading, math, technology, history, writing, and other subjects. The new test will mark the first time students' technology literacy has been assessed on a national
David Wetzel

Opening Minds in Science and Math with a New Set of Keys - 0 views

    The use of web based technology is growing by leaps and bounds every day. These online tools are the new set of keys for opening your students' minds. The vast resources on the Internet are making the use traditional methods of teaching and learning obsolete in countless ways.
Maggie Verster

A great classroom link resource page - 28 views

Jim Farmer

Science Online - 45 views

    "The Kid's Page is a project of the Science Education Center at Glendale Community College and provides games and activities for children around a number of themes including space, living things, energy, and more. Loads of fun learning experiences can be found here!"
Marc Lijour

Danger: America Is Losing Its Edge In Innovation - CIO Central - CIO Network - Forbes - 7 views

  • Almost every adult I’ve talked with in these countries shares a belief that the path to success is paved with science and engineering.
  • scientists and engineers are celebrities in most countries
  • Already, 70% of engineers with PhD’s who graduate from U.S. universities are foreign-born. Increasingly, these talented individuals are not staying in the U.S – instead, they’re returning home, where they find greater opportunities.
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  • Saudi Arabia has a new university for science and engineering with a staggering $10 billion endowment.
  • In 2009, for the first time, over half of U.S. patents were awarded to non-U.S. companies.
  • China has replaced the U.S. as the world’s number one high-technology exporter.
  • The World Economic Forum ranks the U.S. #48 in quality of math and science education.
  • Five years ago, I was part of a commission that studied U.S. competitiveness. We issued a report called Rising Above the Gathering Storm,
  • Improve K-12 science and math education. Invest in long-term basic research. Attract and retain the best and brightest students, scientists and engineers in the U.S. and around the world. Create and sustain incentives for innovation and research investment.
  • In 2007, Congress passed the America COMPETES Act,
intermixed intermixed

Longchamp Pliage Fraise pas cher au - 0 views

Le gouvernement russe a promis la semaine dernière daccorder un prêt subordonné de 950 milliards de roubles (environ 36 Milliards de dollars) à la banque nationale Sberbank, VTB et la banque agrico...

Sac Longchamp Pliage Fraise pas cher

started by intermixed intermixed on 05 Nov 14 no follow-up yet
Danny Nicholson - Creative Archive - 0 views

    The Open University's Creative Archive gives you access to exclusive rushes from OU course programmes covering a wide range of areas including science, science and the environment as well as society and culture.
Judy Robison

SAS® Curriculum Pathways® | Overview - 2 views

    SAS® Curriculum Pathways® provides innovative, web-based resources in the core disciplines, for grades 8-14. Topics are mapped to state and national standards.
    Fully funded by SAS and offered at no cost to US educators and students, SAS Curriculum Pathways is designed to enhance student achievement and teacher effectiveness by providing Web-based curriculum resources in all the core disciplines: English, math, science, social studies/history and Spanish, to educators and students in grades 8-14 in virtual schools, home schools, high schools and community colleges.
    SAS Curriculum Pathways, which is used by thousands of teachers in more than 30 states, is now available for free to every educator in America. SAS Curriculum Pathways provides content in the core disciplines of English, mathematics, social studies, science and Spanish. Aligned with state standards, it has more than 200 InterActivities and 855 ready-to-use lessons that enable science-rich instruction and engage higher-order thinking skills. It is primarily for use in grades 8-12, though middle school content is in development.
terry freedman

Daniel Keyes - Flowers for Algernon UC - 0 views

    Good for exploring the ethical use of science & science
Jeff Johnson

Project Tomorrow - 1 views

    Project Tomorrow is a national, education nonprofit organization. Our vision is to insure that today's students are well prepared to be tomorrow's innovators, leaders and engaged citizens of the world. We believe that by supporting the innovative uses of science, math and science resources in our K-12 schools and communities, students will develop the critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills needed to compete and thrive in the 21st century
Ruth Howard

YouTube - JoAnn Kuchera-Morin: Tour the AlloSphere, a stunning new way to see scientific data - 0 views

    Think 'World Builder' (beaut recent short film about a holograph) and beam up power of ten, gobsmacking virtual technology merges technology art technology-hear molecules!Endless possibilities for medicine yes but incredible for design, music too. Makes me wonder about spiritual dimensions...
Berylaube 00

Community Club Home Listen and Read - Non-fiction Read Along Activities Scholastic - 0 views

    From Richard Byrne Free Technology for teacher, quoted below:Listen and Read - Non-fiction Read Along Activities Listen and Read is a set of 54 non-fiction stories from Scholastic for K-2 students. The stories are feature pictures and short passages of text that students can read on their own or have read to them by each story's narrator. The collection of stories is divided into eight categories: social studies, Technology, plants and flowers, environmental stories, civics and government, animals, American history, and community. Applications for Education Listen and Read looks to be a great resource for social studies lessons and reading practice in general. At the end of each book there is a short review of the new words that students were introduced to in the book. Students can hear these words pronounced as many times as they like. Listen and Read books worked on my computer and on my Android tablet. Scholastic implies that the books also work on iPads and IWBs"
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