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Paul Beaufait

Cyber Savvy | Embrace Civility - 12 views

    "Cyber Savvy is a student-led, positive norms approach to teach upper intermediate, middle, and high school students (grades 5 - 12) about digital safety, including effective digital decision-making, safe posting of personal information, digital relationships, social networking, cyberbullying, and digital dating/exploitation. The schools that have used this program in the pilot testing have been very pleased with the results. "
J.Randolph Radney

Students learn to be better 'digital citizens' - - 9 views

  • The whole 'stranger danger' thing was very much driven by parental alarm
    • Steve Ransom
      Which in turn is driven by the media sensationalizing such events when they happen
  • As more students spend large chunks of study and leisure time online, schools across the USA are adding coursework focused on privacy, privacy and electronic plagiarism.
Steve Ransom

Teen Study: Social Media Is Positive Experience : NPR - 24 views

    Teens see meanness, but they still see social media spaces as a good thing 70% say folks are mostly kind overall 8% only say they have been bullied 88% have witnessed meanness/bullying Teens do care about privacy and think about how it will reflect on them in the future - digital footprint
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