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5 Innovative Classroom Management Tools for Teachers - 0 views

  • attendance taking, lesson planning, grading and parental communications is
  • a big part of the job.
  • With help from the many online services and mobile apps designed for teachers, it can be easy to efficiently organize and complete classroom management responsibilities.
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  • Digital Gradebook: SchoolCircuit
  • online gradebook easy to access for parents and students, and easy to manage for teachers. By assigning access codes to create accounts, teachers can give students and their parents the ability to check grades, attendance and assignments, as well as messages from the teacher and upcoming events.
  • Another similar free option is Engrade,
  • Create and Grade Quizes: ClassMarker
  • teachers can use ClassMaker to make online assessments that are graded instantly. Teachers can choose between five different formats including essay responses (obviously excluded from the “instant grading” feature). They can also randomize test questions and set time limits.
  • For $25 per year, teachers can remove advertising and also have access to e-mailed results, overall question percentages, overall quiz results percentages and learner score averages.
  • Manage Lesson Plans: PlanbookEdu
  • a free, online lesson plan book that functions much like a paper book with a couple of important exceptions. First, since it is cloud-based, it’s impossible to forget at home or at school. It also makes customizing and editing easier, and each box functions much like its own tiny text pad.
  • The capability to easily share plans with substitute teachers, colleagues and administrators — probably the biggest advantage — comes only with the $20 per year premium version.
  • Take Attendance: Attendance for iPhone
  • $4.99 app
Steve Ransom

Read stories to your kids remotely with iPad | 9 to 5 Mac Read stories to your kids remotely with iPad | Apple Intelligence - 33 views

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