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Some Interesting Health Facts You Must Know. - 0 views

1. When you are looking at someone you love, your pupils dilate, and they do the same when you are looking at someone you hate. 2. The human head is one-quarter of our total length at birth but on...

health quiz facts

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Anne Cole

#LoveBytes - Veg or Non Veg - 0 views

    Ananya is a complete foodie while Abhi is fitness freak, so with regards to what nourishment ought to be cooked in the house there is a level headed discussion. Ananya needs to eat spicy creamy oily tasty foods whereas Abhi is more of a salad and boiled chicken person, which Ananya discovers exceptionally boring. So either Ananya begins eating sustenance that is high on protein however low on taste or Abhi begins eating nourishment that is high on taste and considerably higher on fats. In a relationship they ought to see one another uniqueness, watch this love happening episode of #LoveBytes - Episode 14 just on
Ian Woods

AJET 26(3) Drexler (2010) - The networked student model for construction of personal learning environments: Balancing teacher control and student autonomy - 17 views

    • jordi guim
      Muy interesante sobre PLE / PLN
  • Table 2: Personal learning environment toolset Web application (networked student component) Tool used in test case Student activity level of structure Social bookmarking (RSS) Delicious Set up the account Subscribe to each others accounts Bookmark and read 10 reliable websites that reflect the content of chosen topic Add and read at least 3 additional sites each week. News and blog alert (RSS) Google Alert Create a Google Alert of keywords associated with selected topic Read news and blogs on that topic that are delivered via email daily Subscribe to appropriate blogs in reader News and blog reader (RSS) Google Reader Search for blogs devoted to chosen topic Subscribe to blogs to keep track of updates Personal blog (RSS) Blogger Create a personal blog Post a personal reflection each day of the content found and experiences related to the use of personal learning environment Students subscribe to each others blogs in reader Internet search (information management, contacts, and synchronous communication) Google Scholar Conduct searches in Google Scholar and library databases for scholarly works. Bookmark appropriate sites Consider making contact with expert for video conference Podcasts (RSS) iTunesU whatson/itunesu.html Search iTunesU for podcasts related to topic Subscribe to at least 2 podcasts if possible Video conferencing (contacts and synchronous communication) Skype Identify at least one subject matter expert to invite to Skype with the class. Content gathering/ digital notebook Evernote Set up account Use Evernote to take notes on all content collected via other tools Content synthesis Wikispaces Post final project on personal page of class wiki The process and tools are overwhelming to students if presented all at once. As with any instructional design, the teacher determines the pace at which the students best assimilate each new learning tool. For this particular project, a new tool was introduced each day over two weeks. once the construction process was complete, there were a number of personal web page aggregators that could have been selected to bring everything together in one place. Options at the time included iGoogle, PageFlakes, NetVibes, and Symbaloo. These sites offer a means to compile or pull together content from a variety of web applications. A web widget or gadget is a bit of code that is executed within the personal web page to pull up external content from other sites. The students in this case designed the personal web page using the gadgets needed in the format that best met their learning goals. Figure 3 is an instructor example of a personal webpage that includes the reader, email, personal blog, note taking program, and social bookmarks on one page.
  • The personal learning environment can take the place of a traditional textbook, though does not preclude the student from using a textbook or accessing one or more numerous open source texts that may be available for the research topic. The goal is to access content from many sources to effectively meet the learning objectives. The next challenge is to determine whether those objectives have been met.
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  • AssessmentThere were four components of the assessment process for this test case of the Networked Student Model: (1) ongoing performance assessment in the form of weekly assignments to facilitate the construction and maintenance of the personal learning environment, (2) rubric-based assessment of the personal learning environment at the end of the project, (3) written essay, and (4) multimedia synthesis of topic content. Points were earned for meeting the following requirements: Identify ten reliable resources and post to social bookmarking account. At least three new resources should be added each week. Subscribe and respond to at least 3 new blogs each week. Follow these blogs and news alerts using the reader. Subscribe to and listen to at least two podcasts (if available). Respectfully contact and request a video conference from a subject matter expert recognised in the field. Maintain daily notes and highlight resources as needed in digital notebook. Post at least a one-paragraph reflection in personal blog each day. At the end of the project, the personal learning environment was assessed with a rubric that encompassed each of the items listed above. The student's ability to synthesise the research was further evaluated with a reflective essay. Writing shapes thinking (Langer & Applebee, 1987), and the essay requirement was one more avenue through which the students demonstrated higher order learning. The personal blog provided an opportunity for regular reflection during the course of the project. The essay was the culmination of the reflections along with a thoughtful synthesis of the learning experience. Students were instructed to articulate what was learned about the selected topic and why others should care or be concerned. The essay provided an overview of everything learned about the contemporary issue. It was well organised, detailed, and long enough to serve as a resource for others who wished to learn from the work. As part of a final exam, the students were required to access the final projects of their classmates and reflect on what they learned from this exposure. The purpose of this activity was to give the students an additional opportunity to share and learn from each other. Creativity is considered a key 21st century skill (Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2009). A number of emerging web applications support the academic creative process. Students in this project used web tools to combine text, video, audio, and photographs to teach the research topics to others. The final multimedia project was posted or embedded on the student's personal wiki page. Analysis and assessment of student work was facilitated by the very technologies in use by the students. In order to follow their progress, the teacher simply subscribed to student social bookmarking accounts, readers, and blogs. Clicking through daily contributions was relatively quick and efficient.
Sheri Edwards

Education Week: Study Finds No Clear Edge for Charter Schools - 6 views

  • Students who won lotteries to attend charter middle schools performed, on average, no better in mathematics and reading than their peers who lost out in the random admissions process and enrolled in nearby regular public schools, according to a national study released today.
  • On average, though, the charter middle schools in the study enrolled a lower percentage of students who are eligible for free and reduced-price school meals than charters natiOnally, and served smaller percentages of students scoring below proficiency levels On state exams than their natiOnal peers.
  • ClarkAC wrote: I think this just adds weight to the notion that the devil is in the details. Some charters (i.e., some KIPP schools - not all) are producing great results. Some are not.Some kids getting vouchers are doing much better. Some are not.Some traditional public schools are great. Some are not.on average, no one solution shows impact because we are looking at averages.I agree. We need to get under the hood. Until then, we won't find the solutions we seek. 6/29/2010 12:38 PM EDT on EdWeek
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  • Larry C Brown wrote: "The most positive overall impact that all of the charter schools in the study produced, was on the satisfaction levels expressed by parents and students. Parents whose children had won lotteries to attend charters were 33 percent more likely to say the schools were excellent than parents whose children lost the lotteries and attended regular public schools." This is surprising? If I "win the lottery", am I not going to be more satisfied than if I don't!
    lottery winners did no better, on average, than the lottery losers on non-academic outcomes such as behavior and attendance.
Dennis OConnor

Tired of Being a Red Ink Slave to Corrections? - The Writing Teacher - Tips, Techniques, and Advice on Teaching Writing - 1 views

  • Dennis O'Connor previously wrote How to Introduce the Six Traits for The Writing Teacher, and teaches writing instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Stoudt. In addition to teaching and consulting, he maintains two invaluable websites: 6-Traits Resources 21st Century Information Fluency  This article is a preview of a free webinar that Dennis will be providing on June 2, at 2:00 PM Eastern time. If you are interested in attending the webinar, click here.
    • Dennis OConnor
      I invite Diigo users interested in writing, the writing process, and 6-traits to join me on the up-coming webinar!
    I've just published another article with the Writing Teacher. This one is focused on Editing and the writing process. Editing/conventions becomes an 800 pound gorilla in the classroom. It's often the only trait that get's any attention! Consider joining the free webinar on June 2, 2009 for more on this very topic!
Kathleen N

Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud: RESPonSIVENESS - 0 views

    • Kathleen N
      Doesn't take much, does it?
  • "So some teachers got a page that showed that no student selected them?" I asked. "Yes," the storyteller informed me. "We thought every teacher needed to know how they were perceived by the students. We simply gave them the information." At this point each professional staff member was asked to select one student from the list who had indicated no relationship with a teacher. Care was taken to make sure each student was selected by someone. Throughout the year teachers were asked to reach out in special ways to this student. Their efforts included:1. Send three "I noticed…." statements a week.2. Give one eye-hug a day (sustained eye contact ending with a smile).3. Give two physical touches a week (high-five, pat on the back, shoulder squeeze, handshake).4. Use the person's name every day.5. Be in their proximity three times a week (other than in the classroom).6. Ask them for help once a week7. Ask their opinion about something once a week.
    Great post with true anecdote on a ms program to improve climate "one hundred and twenty-one students filled out the forms. Some students listed several teachers. Others mentioned one or two. Twenty-five middle schoolers listed no teacher they felt they had a positive relationship with."
intermixed intermixed

pull lacoste pas cher pour homme - 0 views

D'autres équipes, comme les Pays-Bas et les Etats-Unis, ont été encore plus loin : ils ont reconstruit à l'identique le parcours de Rio sur leur terrain d'entraînement.Le flanker toulousain entre e...

pull pas cher homme pour Lacoste

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intermixed intermixed

pull lacoste pas cher pour homme - 0 views

D'autres équipes, comme les Pays-Bas et les Etats-Unis, ont été encore plus loin : ils ont reconstruit à l'identique le parcours de Rio sur leur terrain d'entraînement.Le flanker toulousain entre e...

pull pas cher homme pour Lacoste

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intermixed intermixed

sac longchamp pas cher en magasin Pour - 0 views

Je n'ai pas bien joué aujourd'hui ", avait-il confessé, piteux, après son match d'ouverture raté. Un mea culpa qui n'avait attendri personne en Turquie, mais Turan tentait encore de maintenir le li...

sac à main pliage longchamp pas cher,sac cher en magasin,longchamp neuf

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intermixed intermixed

achat Sac burberry pas cher On - 0 views

Comment détecte-t-on un état de conscience minimale ?- Le diagnostic est très compliqué. Il prend du temps et se fait à plusieurs. C'est toujours la famille qui obtient les premiers signes. Si elle...

achat Sac burberry pas cher trench basket

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J Black

The Economics of Giving It Away - - 0 views

  • In other cases, the same digital economics have spurred entirely new business models, such as "Freemium," a free version supported by a paid premium version. This model uses free as a form of marketing to put the product in the hands of the maximum number of people, converting just a small fraction to paying customers. It's an inversion of the old free sample promotion: Rather than giving away one brownie to sell 99 others, you give away 99 virtual penguins to sell one virtual igloo. (Confused? Ask a child: This is the business model for the phenomenally successful Club Penguin.)
    The explosion of all types of video content on YouTube and other sites is quickly transforming online video from a medium strictly for entertainment and news into one that is also a reference tool. As a result, video search, on YouTube and across other sites, is rapidly morphing into a new entry point into the Web, one that could rival mainstream search for many types of queries.
Sheri Edwards

Cell phones in education - 53 views

Another free resource that will have your kids texting away on their phones is PollEverywhere. I put a link in my tiny (so far) list of bookmarks. I have used Polleverywhere a few times in class ...

technology teaching cell phones

J Black

Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries - - 0 views

  • The malware is remarkable both for its sweep — in computer jargon, it has not been merely “phishing” for random consumers’ information, but “whaling” for particular important targets — and for its Big Brother-style capacities. It can, for example, turn on the camera and audio-recording functions of an infected computer, enabling monitors to see and hear what goes on in a room. The investigators say they do not know if this facet has been employed.
  • The electronic spy game has had at least some real-world impact, they said. For example, they said, after an e-mail invitation was sent by the Dalai Lama’s office to a foreign diplomat, the Chinese government made a call to the diplomat discouraging a visit. And a woman working for a group making Internet contacts between Tibetan exiles and Chinese citizens was stopped by Chinese intelligence officers on her way back to Tibet, shown transcripts of her online conversations and warned to stop her political activities.
  • “This could well be the C.I.A. or the Russians. It’s a murky realm that we’re lifting the lid on.”
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  • “The Chinese government is opposed to and strictly forbids any cybercrime.”
  • two computer researchers at Cambridge University in Britain who worked on the part of the investigation related to the Tibetans, are releasing an independent report. They do fault China, and they warned that other hackers could adopt the tactics used in the malware operation.
    The malware is remarkable both for its sweep - in computer jargon, it has not been merely "phishing" for random consumers' information, but "whaling" for particular important targets - and for its Big Brother-style capacities. It can, for example, turn on the camera and audio-recording functions of an infected computer, enabling monitors to see and hear what goes on in a room. The investigators say they do not know if this facet has been employed.
Dennis OConnor

News: The Evidence on online Education - Inside Higher Ed - 0 views

  • WASHINGTON -- ONline learning has definite advantages over face-to-face instructiON when it comes to teaching and learning, according to a new meta-analysis released Friday by the U.S. Department of EducatiON.The study found that students who took all or part of their instructiON ONline performed better, ON average, than those taking the same course through face-to-face instructiON. Further, those who took "blended" courses -- those that combine elements of ONline learning and face-to-face instructiON -- appeared to do best of all. That finding could be significant as many colleges report that blended instructiON is amONg the fastest-growing types of enrollment.
  • the positive results appeared consistent (and statistically significant) for all types of higher education, undergraduate and graduate, across a range of disciplines, the study said.
  • On the topic of Online learning, there is a steady stream of studies, but many of them focus On limited issues or lack cOntrol groups. The EducatiOn Department report said that it had identified more than 1,000 empirical studies of Online learning that were published from 1996 through July 2008. For its cOnclusiOns, however, the EducatiOn Department cOnsidered Only a small number (51) of independent studies that met strict criteria. They had to cOntrast an Online teaching experience to a face-to-face situatiOn, measure student learning outcomes, use a "rigorous research design," and provide adequate informatiOn to calculate the differences.
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  • Using technology to give students "control of their interactions" has a positive effect on student learning, however. "Studies indicate that manipulations that trigger learner activity or learner reflection and self-monitoring of understanding are effective when students pursue online learning as individuals," the report says.
  • n noting caveats about the findings, the study returns to the issue of time."Despite what appears to be strong support for online learning applications, the studies in this meta-analysis do not demonstrate that online learning is superior as a medium," the report says. "In many of the studies showing an advantage for online learning, the online and classroom conditions differed in terms of time spent, curriculum and pedagogy. It was the combination of elements in the treatment conditions (which was likely to have included additional learning time and materials as well as additional opportunities for collaboration) that produced the observed learning advantages. At the same time, one should note that online learning is much more conducive to the expansion of learning time than is face-to-face instruction."
  • " What the study demonstrates, she said, is that colleges need to think broadly about using online education, and not be "artificially limited" to face-to-face instruction.
  • Successful education has always been about engaging students whether it is in an online environment, face to face or in a blended setting. And fundamental to that is having faculty who are fully supported and engaged in that process as well."
    Timely information for our group! The learning time issue in particular is an important finding that points to a cost effective way to increase student learning time without tackling the issue of a longer school day head on. We know that more time on meaningful tasks is crucial, but the physical cost of attending a bricks and mortar classrooms is prohibitive.
Martin Burrett

ShowMe - 0 views

  • an open learning community where you can learn or teach any subject.
    an open learning community where you can learn or teach any subject. Record an onscreen white board audio lecture like Kahn.
    This is an iPad app and site where you can create video tutorials on a virtual whiteboard on an iPad and share it on the web to view on any device. The site has a extensive bank of shared tutorials from other educators on a range of topics, including maths, science, English, languages and more. Download the app at
ashok rai

wave one noida | wave one - 0 views

    Wave Infratech a premium venture of Chaddha Group presents Wave One in the heart of Noida in Sector 18. In the horde of a wide range of residential and commercial projects coming up in Noida, Wave One indeed is a whiff of fresh air for real estate in Noida. Strategically located in Noida Sector 18, it offers great cOnnectivity to NatiOnal Capital and is also within the walking distance from Noida Sector 18 Metro StatiOn. Wave One offers commercial cum office cum retail cum multi level parking, with a plot size of 16950 Sq mtr (4.23 Acres). COnstructiOn already started from November Mid 2010 and Project completiOn expected in next 3 years.
Julie Shy

About Educreations - 0 views

    Educreations is a global community where anyone can teach what they know and learn what they don't. We're on a mission to democratize learning by extending the reach of great teaching.  Educreations is a recordable interactive whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting to produce amazing video lessons that you can share online. Students and colleagues can replay your lessons in any web browser, or from within our app on their iPads. Check out the "Showcase" on our homepage or the "Featured" tab in our iPad app to view some great lessons that other teachers have created with Educreations. You can also create lessons using our online whiteboard, which works in any browser that supports flash. Just log in to your account on our website and click on the "Create a New Lesson" link to launch our online whiteboard.
Tero Toivanen

How To Define Web 3.0 | How To Split An Atom - 1 views

  • I think I have managed to explain Web 3.0 quite nicely, so without further ado. Definition: Highly specialized information silos, moderated by a cult of personality, validated by the community, and put into context with the inclusion of meta-data through widgets.
  • Web 3.0 will take this one step further. If you are searching for information on Cars, for example, you would use the search engine as you normally would, but your results would be more specialized subengines.
  • Web 2.0 brought us a change in the basic way that we search, tagging.
  • ...22 more annotations...
  • The strong algorithms that are currently used would be kept, but in addition some weight would be given to items that the community has flagged as interesting or voted on. Meme: Community built around search results.
  • You could type in what you were looking for, “conservative viewpoint on Darwin” for example and it would pull up results ordered by relevance (algorithms), tagging, and validation through user voting.
  • Seeking Validation
  • Seeking Entertainment
  • StumbleUpon may be the closest analogy to how we will be entertained in Web 3.0. You fill out a profile, define your tags and then flip the channel.
  • Meme: Relevance through user interaction.
  • Imagine a world where you could search a name and bring up that person, all the social networks they belong to, and produce a feed around them.
  • If I put a proper name into the search engine of Web 3.0 it would provide the running profile of my presence on the web; it would show everything in the webosphere that has been tagged as belonging to me, ordered by community validation and relevance.
  • In this Wikiality my page would contain both information that I have written about myself and information that has been written about me.
  • Meme: Everyone will have Page Rank.
  • Web 3.0 will see a more complete integration between devices like cell phones and the world wide web (does anything still use that term?) Posting pictures, videos and text from anywhere, anytime with as little hassle as possible.
  • Our pages will be little more than our personal interpretations of all the data available on the web, plugged into these pages through a growing array of widgets and shared with the world. Meme: The Widget Web
  • Summary Specialized Subengines for Search Social Networks replaced by People Search Your Online Presence Searchable, Taggable and Ordered by Relevance through Voting and Algorithms Increased Microblogging and more Powerful Widgets to allow you to place any of your feeds anywhere. Increased IntegratiOn between devices like cell phOnes and the web.
  • In ten years RSS and its related technologies will be seen as the single most important internet technology since Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau created the World Wide Web at CERN around 17 years ago.
  • If Web 3.0 is the Semantic Web, where computer agents read content like human beings do — then RSS will be its eyes (or at least its corrective lenses).
  • In this future, RSS will be extended to include a host of data-points it currently does not. Each blog post (or microblogging feed), every picture, every video clip will have searchable, taggable, XML based syndication around it.
  • Finally, RSS enables users to define their own contexts for information. Imagine a word where creating a mashup between Google maps and your Twitter account was no more difficult than sticking a few widgets together.
  • If you used a search engine, your results would be weighted based not only on the standard Web 3.0 metrics, but also on “what you care about” as defined by all your previous interactions with this particular search engine and all of this would be completely transparent.
  • Programs that surf the web for you will become more and more powerful. In a world where your personal profile containing your likes, dislikes and search history is as easy to upload as it is to add a feed to your RSS reader, it is no surprise that a major industry will be software that does your searching for you.
  • Microblogging will be the critical change in the way we write in Web 3.0. Imagine a world where your mobile phone, your email, and you television could all produce feedback that could easily be pushed to any or all blogging platforms. If you take a picture from your smart-phone, it would be automatically tagged, bagged and forwarded to your “lifestream”. If you rated a television show that you were watching, your review would be forwarded into the stream.
  • Fortunately, microblogging also opens up the world to new opportunities. Live blogging, a technique usually reserved for important events, would become common. If you can’t actually be at a conference, pictures, video and commentary could be pushed to you in real time. The entire world would become an Op-Ed piece.
  • In Web 3.0 search engines will need to have a better understanding of “context”. one way to accomplish this is to take a nod from directories and allow results to be tagged. These tags can be voted on by the community and would only be an addition to, not a replacement for, traditional sorting algorithms.
    How To Define Web 3.0 | How To Split An Atom
Martin Burrett

Tynker - 0 views

    This is an online programming suite for kids. It closely resembles MIT's Scratch, but it has improved on a few features and striped away some others. one great feature is that students can sign on with a Google Apps for Education account. Plus, because it is made with HTML5 you can use it on most modern devices, including on Android tablets and iPads.
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