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Denise Menchaca

The Differentiator - 12 views

  • will identify the patterns of the transaction model of communication using textbooks to create a report
  • Report
    Step by step wizard that guides you through bloom's taxonomy. Useful for creating objectives and thinking through projects (online and face to face). Consider this a brainstorming tool that will help you break out of the box and differentiate your lessons.
    Use Bloom's revised taxonomy to create differentiated lessons and activities.
Leonard Miller

Education Week: Blended PD Emphasizes Differentiated Instruction - 0 views

  • If blended learning is one of the biggest trends in education, it should offer a way for teachers to practice the approach themselves.
  • Professional development for educational technology has to move away from its historical focus on technical training and toward a broader focus on what educational approaches work best.
  • In other words, teachers not only need to be proficient at integrating virtual experiences into the classroom, they must also be confident in why they're doing so.
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  • the certification program is split into two tiers. The first includes foundational courses aimed at helping teachers understand various strategies for online and blended learning and make decisions about how to use them to create engaging, differentiated classrooms. The second tier provides instruction in the tools and techniques for turning those ideas into reality
  • launched an online and blended certification program
  • No longer solely a teacher, "I am facilitator, fellow learner, and curator," added Ms. Canady. "I'm becoming more focused on giving my students more bang for their buck, more time. I don't want them to do anything they don't need in order to grow."
  • The team generally kicks off the design process anywhere from six to 12 months before the first day of school. The process includes identifying instructional objectives, choosing a classroom model, selecting curriculum providers, preparing infrastructure, and setting up teacher professional development.
  • the coach helped them implement blended-learning models to differentiate instruction, extend learning beyond the classroom, and engage families in the learning process.
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