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Lyn Hilt

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom | Smart Teaching - 18 views

  • 50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom
  • Assign portfolio pages to each of your students, and allow them to display and discuss their work.
    • Geri Coats
      COATS maintain student work online. collab, share with parents, colleagues, admin
  • Create a calendar on the wiki and encourage students to add their own personally important dates.
    • Geri Coats
      COATS can I add a widget for google cal?
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  • Encourage students to draft rules and policies for the classroom
    • Geri Coats
      COATS great idea for start of next year!
    Wikis are an exceptionally useful tool for getting students more involved in curriculum. They're often appealing and fun for students to use, while at the same time ideal for encouraging participation, collaboration, and interaction. Using these ideas, your students can collaboratively create classroom valuables.
Mark MacInnes

Google Wave Use Cases: Education - 0 views

    The things I particularly like here are real-time, how Google Wave makes collaborate note-taking much more effective for learners and how collaborators/students can be tracked (play-back ability).
    Real-time collaboration in Google Wave, play-back ability (teacher/instructor can see who did what) and students have actually said that their collaboratge note-taking was "more complete".
mbarek Akaddar

A Step-by-Step Guide to Global Collaborations | always learning - 29 views

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Global Collaborations
mbarek Akaddar

Digital access, collaboration a must for students | 15 Essentials for Effective School Technology Management | - 30 views

    Digital access, collaboration a must for students
rustin neo

Using Google Docs to Collaborate with Students | The eduFire Blog - 0 views

    Using Google Docs to Collaborate
cheryl capozzoli

Thinkature - Real-time collaboration for the web - 0 views

shared by cheryl capozzoli on 15 Apr 08 - Cached
    real time collaboration
James OReilly

Versatile, Immersive, Creative and Dynamic Virtual 3-D Healthcare Learning Environments: A Review of the Literature | Hansen | Journal of Medical Internet Research - 0 views

shared by James OReilly on 13 Dec 08 - Cached
  • Virtual 3-D Healthcare Learning Environments
  • The author provides a critical overview of three-dimensional (3-D) virtual worlds and “serious gaming” that are currently being developed and used in healthcare professional education and medicine.
  • Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations Theory
  • ...32 more annotations...
  • Siemens’ Connectivism Theory
  • accelerating momentum
  • there are some fundamental questions which remain unanswered.
  • it is beneficial to address while the race to adopt and implement highly engaging Web 3-D virtual worlds is watched in healthcare professional education
  • Therefore, Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations Theory [5] and Siemens’ Connectivism Theory [6] for today’s learners will serve as theoretical frameworks for this paper.
  • A 3-D virtual world, also known as a Massively Multiplayer Virtual World (MMVW), is an example of a Web 2.0/Web 3-D dynamic computer-based application.
  • applications that enable social publishing, such as blogs and wikis
  • the most popular virtual world used by the general public is Linden Lab’s Second Life (SL)
  • Who would imagine attending medical school in a virtual world?
  • US agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health conduct meetings in SL to discuss the educational potential of SL
  • virtual medical universities exist all over the world
  • The term “avatar” is an old Sanskrit word portraying a deity which takes on a human shape
  • Trauma Center
  • Virtual worlds are currently being used as educational spaces [1] and continue to grow in popularity on campuses and businesses worldwide. Furthermore, access to versions of virtual worlds on the Web, such as “Croquet,” “Uni-Verse,” and “Multiverse” are predicted within two to three years to be mainstream in education
  • there are reported advantages to having students engage in these emerging technologies
  • By allowing students time to interact with other avatars (eg, patients, staff members, and other healthcare professionals) in a safe, simulated environment, a decrease in student anxiety, an increase in competency in learning a new skill, and encouragement to cooperate and collaborate, as well as resolve conflicts, is possible.
  • High quality 3-D entertainment that is freely accessible via Web browsing facilitates engagement opportunities with individuals or groups of people in an authentic manner that illustrates collective intelligence
  • Advanced Learning and Immersive Virtual Environment (ALIVE) at the University of Southern Queensland
  • health information island
  • Problem-based learning groups enrolled in a clinical management course at Coventry University meet in SL and are employed to build learning facilities for the next semester of SL students. This management course teaches students to manage healthcare facilities and is reported to be the first healthcare-related class to use SL as a learning environment.
  • Another example of a medical school using SL is St. George’s Medical School in London.
  • Stanford University medical school
  • Another virtual world project developed by staff at the Imperial College in London, in collaboration with the National Physical Lab in the United Kingdom, is the Second Health Project
  • Mesko [35] presents the top 10 virtual medical sites in SL.
  • The development and use of 3-D virtual worlds in nursing education is increasing.
  • Some educators may balk at adopting this technology because there is a learning curve associated with the use of 3-D virtual worlds.
  • Let’s have fun, explore these fascinating worlds and games, and network with others while respecting diverse ways of life-long learning and current researchers’ findings.
  • there is an underlying push in higher education to adopt these collaborative tools and shift the paradigm from a traditional Socratic method of education to one possessing a more active and interactive nature
  • One may view online virtual worlds and serious gaming as a threat to the adoption and purchase of high-fidelity computerized patient-simulation mannequins that are currently purchased for healthcare-profession training. For example, nurses may login into SL and learn Advanced Cardiac Life Support at their convenience, and it costs virtually nothing for the nurse and perhaps a nominal fee for the developer.
  • The educational opportunity in SL may not be a replacement for the doctor- or nurse-patient interaction or relationship, but SL may serve as an adjunct or pre- or post-learning tool.
  • one recalls when critics questioned the validity and reliability of the stethoscope invented by Laennec in 1816 and how today it is second nature to use this assessment tool.
  • 2006 health fair
Lindsay Bellino

Storybird - 8 views

shared by Lindsay Bellino on 07 Sep 09 - Cached
    Very nice tool for collaborative writing. Lots of great examples. Take the tour to see how easy it is to use.
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    Love it! Thanks for sharing :)
    Story Bird widely used story book maker website. It has great templates picture bank. It's ease to use and the results look wonderful.
    This is probably the coolest creation/collaboration tool I've ever seen.
antónio alves

Collaboration and Productivity Tools: A-Z - 61 views

    "LEARNING TOOLS DIRECTORY 2010 More Collaboration Tools TOOLS: A-K | Tools L - Z These are further stand-alone tools suitable for individuals to work and learn more effectively with others - as well as on their own."
Roland Gesthuizen

Online Learning is so last year… | 21st Century Collaborative - 0 views

  • It requires us to continually reinvent ourselves, to stay on top of where research and practice meet and to balance the desire for easy and structured with messy and self-directed.
  • are people confusing talking to people online with deep, connected learning?
  • Personal Learning Networks are one of the three prongs necessary to be a do it yourself learner in today’s world.
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  • If all I do is network I do not shift or grow because I am missing the opportunity to go deep and actually learn by doing. It takes both: Networks and Community. Online, global communities of practice and f2f learning communities in my local context.
    "Is there value in knowing how to start, lead, implement, empower, and use online communities for the type of collaboration that is going to provide significant shift? The kind where we all bring our best giftings to the table and use them together to create something new and powerful. Are online communities the focus or merely the venue through which we learn?"
Enrique Rubio Royo

Collaborative Learning - for the people, by the people by Josh Little : Learning Solutions Magazine - 34 views

  • Here are some strong core beliefs that people leading in this area hold.
    • Enrique Rubio Royo
      Caracteriza el perfil del eLearner
  • What I propose is to think of yourself as a learning construction expert. Use the right tool for the right purpose.
  • Traditional training programs will not be able to supply the large pipeline of knowledge, skills, and information that your workers will need. The traditional hierarchical knowledge structure creates a bottleneck
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  • Traditional approaches to training are facing disruption. When I say “traditional,” I mean more than instructor-led training located in classrooms. I include e-Learning in most of the forms that have prevailed for the last 15 years or longer. Disruptive innovation, in the form of social software, is sparking new philosophies about formal and informal use of collaboration to support learning. But why are these ideas finding support among business leaders and e-Learning experts?
  • The basic reason is simple. Information moves too fast. The speed of commerce is faster than ever.
  • The influx of Millennials (gen Y
  • brings with it new entry-level technology skills and new expectations
  • The pace at which workers must learn
  • Today, product releases happen every three months instead of every three years. Customers define your brand through online communities faster than you can think about creating a branding campaign.
Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Impact of introduction of online learning in developing countries-special reference to Open University of Sri Lanka by Nalin Abesysekera - 0 views

    The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) was set up for the purpose of providing higher educational facilities to persons above 18 years of age with relevant basic qualifications, in Sri Lanka. It is the only recognized university in Sri Lanka where students are able to pursue further education by distance education techniques in keeping with the philosophy of open and distance learning. The main focus of this lecture would be to identify and evaluate the impact of online learning on the students. This lecture would essentially discuss the findings from a research done using random sampling method with a questionnaire technique. According to the findings, most students prefer forums as the best online teaching/ collaboration tool. They like this method because they can contact their coordinator at any time and at any place, and can also network as well as discuss their queries. Students pursuing their studies at post graduate level prefer this method more than other students. However, the students have identified this method as a complement and not as a substitute for traditional face to face learning. As far as barriers for Online Education are concerned : Lack of resources (computers as well as experts in the field), infrastructure, no proper training on Moodle, and low awareness level of e-Learning are considered as main problems. This Lecture would be more of a discussion on impact of Online Learning and lessons learned from it in a developing country. I will present our findings and then we can have an open house to discuss this further.
James OReilly

ALPS: What's New? - 0 views

  • The new version of the Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool is now available! Take your curriculum unit to the next level with new features that help you to organize your work, interact with your design team, and share your final draft with others.
  • Click here to open the new CCDT!
  • Collaborative Curriculum Design Tool
adina sullivan

Web Tools - Catalyst - 1 views

    Collaborative web tools
    Comprehensive up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over theworld by Google News.‎Finance - ‎About Google News - ‎Languages and regions - ‎Editors' Online from Australia and the World ...News headlines from Australia and the world. The latest national, world, business, sport, entertainment and technology news from News Limited news News Updates | Latest News Headlines ...Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from Breakingnews and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health,
cheryl capozzoli

MIT - Peter Suber, Open Access News - 0 views

    Wow, MIT continues to lead the way in Open collective collaborative intelligence!!
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