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Nigel Coutts

Taking time to design programmes for programmes - The Learner's Way - 3 views

    Identifying what our children need to learn is one of the most important processes within education. For the teacher this is the question they engage with as they design their teaching and learning units. By no means is this an easy task and the teacher must balance multiple factors to ensure that the learning they design provide their students with the learning they require. Even the most effective sequence of lessons is of little value if what it sets out to teach has little importance in the lives our learners are likely to lead. 
Danny Nicholson

Building Blogs | Teachers TV - 1 views

    Learn how blogging, video conferencing and computer technology can be used simply and effectively as teaching and learning aids in the classroom. In this programme, students from Acton High School in west London are motivated into journalistic action as they create the Newszine blog for the enjoyment of their peers. Ealing City learning Centre facilitates the students' use of cutting edge technology to drive learning of subject matter, independent learning and critical thinking.

The Ummed School - Best School in Jodhpur - 0 views

    Our educational programme focuses on individual learning styles, program preferences, and academic potential of each student. We create future citizens which are courteous, responsible and capable of bringing laurels to their life. We orient our efforts to make students competent to deal with life situations and empowered to be successful in life, rather just in examinations. We intend to adopt a sound pedagogy to nurture two basic components of education namely, Values and learning.
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