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Evelyn Izquierdo

Electronic Village Online / Podcasting2012 - 19 views

    Podcasting for the ESL/EFL Classroom, a totally free, 5-week, hands-on, TESOL - Electronic Village Online (EVO) workshop aimed at English teachers from all over the world. Learn how to create, produce and publish your own podcasts for the ESL/EFL classes. 
Jeff Johnson

Podcasting in the classroom - 0 views

    Teachers will explore the use of audio and video tools that support student learning, collaboration, and communication that extend beyond classroom walls. Audio and video content can be accessed online, created by individuals or groups and used for collaborative conversations. The first step of the course is acquiring and organizing existing content available from online. Next, is learning to use podcasting tools to create content. Participants can then expand from podcasting to screencasting and video to make use of the distributed, collaborative potential of these tools. The ability to easily publish content online will encourage teachers to rethink the way they communicate with students, and the way curriculum is delivered. Educators will become knowledgeable about 21st Century Literacy skills as they fit into the classroom.
Dwayne Abrahams

Getting started with Apple's Podcasts app | How To - CNET - 35 views

    Apple made mention of a standalone podcast app earlier this month, but most figured it would arrive with iOS 6 this fall. Not so. Earlier this week, Apple released Podcasts. It's free and universal, designed for both the iPhone and iPad.
Michelle DeSilva

WebTools4u2use - Audio & Podcasting - 0 views

    Great site to help educators learn how to use podcasts.
David Wetzel

Tips and Tricks for Podcasting - 0 views

    Like everything dealing with education technology in the classroom there are always tricks and tips to ensure success - this includes Podcasting!
Kathleen N

Educational Podcasting in Woodland Park Colorado - 0 views

    A clip from Channel 11 in Colorado Springs regarding the use of video podcasting (vodcasting) at Woodland Park High School. This is the brainchild of Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams who teach at WPHS and also run a educational consulting busniess. You can find out more at:« A clip from Channel 11 in Colorado Springs regarding the use of video podcasting (vodcasting) at Woodland Park High School. This is the brainchild of Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams who teach at WPHS and also run a educational consulting busniess. You can find out more at:«
Tero Toivanen

Podcasts in Podcasts Made Simple - 40 views

    How to use Podcasts in Podcasts? Interesting slideshare about the question.
Tero Toivanen

How to Podcast - 0 views

    The definitive step-by-step guide on how to podcast without breaking the bank.
Judy Robison

Language Learning by iPod: An Emerging Model | Research & Articles - 35 views

  • What we see in these podcasts are some best practices - using social web tools to enhance online language learning and innovative approaches to utilizing podcasting for podcastsal goals.  While language learning has been around as long as human beings have spoken more than one tongue, the model here is uniquely designed for the Web 2.0 world. Static lesson content is transformed into 'lesson events' by focusing student attention around specific content and encouraging student involvement to further enhance the originally designed lesson.  podcasts, with their conversational nature, rapid publication cycle and modular architecture can further transform learning into an engaging, fresh and personalized experience. This actually takes steps into Learner 2.0 where the learner changes their experiences and behaviors through a collaborative process as they interact with the content, other users, and the instructors.
    Commentary on using podcasts to teach language.
Patti Porto

EdCasts | EdReach - 0 views

    Education Education on a variety of topics from EdReach
Alan B

Geekyteacher's Podcast #2 - 0 views

    Podcast about screencasting on a mac with and without an interactive whiteboard.
Stephanie Greer

GCPD on the Air: PLN 101 - 0 views

    I wanted to share this link to my new podcast which will feature "podcourses" for professional development purposes. I have just published the first course: PLN 101. It features a series of podcasts and activities designed to take a teacher from knowing absolutely nothing about a PLN, to having a PLN with at least 5 tools. It also contains tips for managing a PLN. Although it was designed with beginners in mind, it may also be a useful resource for those charged with helping teachers develop their PLNs. The podcourse can be accessed online or via a handheld device at www.missgreer.podbean/mobile. I hope you will pass this along and check it out! Please feel free to use it with your staff or to share it with colleagues. I'd love feedback. The next podcourse I'm planning is "20 Days of 2.0" which will feature a short podcast featuring a different 2.0 tool over the course of 20 days. I hope to publish it starting in November. If you'd like a heads up when it comes out, be sure to subscribe. Thanks!
Danny Nicholson

podOmatic - 1 views

    Create, Find, Share Podcasts!
Joseph Alvarado

EdTechTalk | Collaborative Open Webcasting Community - 2 views

    teachers web casting (podcasting) community
    Collaborative Open Webcasting Community
Sheri Edwards

Cell phones in education - 53 views

Another free resource that will have your kids texting away on their phones is PollEverywhere. I put a link in my tiny (so far) list of bookmarks. I have used Polleverywhere a few times in class ...

technology teaching cell phones

Amanda Kenuam

Summer Special Education Planning - Create Now, Implement Later - 0 views

    "classroom, special needs, summer, planning, podcasts, online journals"
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