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Nigel Coutts

Becoming Learners: Making time for OUR Learner - The Learner's Way - 4 views

    At the heart of all that we do as teachers lies the act of learning. Our hope is that our actions inspire our students to engage in a process that results in their acquisition of new learning, mastery of new learning and the development of capacities and learning which will prepare them for life beyond our classrooms. Increasingly our focus is on developing the learning and learning our students require to become life-long learnings. We recognise that in a rapidly changing world, the capacity to take charge of your personal learning journey, to become self-navigating learnings is essential. 
Nigel Coutts

Debating false dichotomies: a new front in the education wars - The education's Way - 1 views

    Sometimes, it seems everyone who ever went to school is an expert on education and has a plan to make it better. Actual teaching experience, years of professional education and formal training are all easily swept aside. The result is an ongoing dialog around what schools should do, what teachers need to do more of or less of and how the academic success of the nation is linked to strategy x or y.
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