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Joanne Kiernan

Infosearcher - 0 views

  • variety of technical, cognitive, social and emotional skills which users need in order to function effectively in a digital environment.
  • Graphic literacy, Navigation, Context, Skepticism, Focus, Ethical Behavior
  • Graphic literacy – thinking visually
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  • Graphic
  • Graphic literacy
  • Navigation – developing a sense of Internet geography
  • Context – seeing the connections
  • Focus – practicing reflection and deep thinking
  • Skepticism – learning to evaluate information
  • Ethical behavior – understanding the rules of cyberspace
    Pam Berger's blog. This entry: learning in the Web2.0 world talks about skills to teach students - graphic literacy,navigation, context, skepticism, focus and ethical behavior
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Dennis OConnor Online Manners Matter | Edutopia - 0 views

  • But there's no one out in cyberspace to make sure they wash behind their digital ears and refuse cookies from online strangers. Given this potentially dangerous void, schools will increasingly extend their supervisory reach, giving lessons at every grade level on netiquette -- call it Online Manners and Ethics 101.
    Understanding how to interact online safely and effectively is, and will be, ever more critical. As today's students grow older, they'll be using the Internet to apply to colleges and jobs, and to communicate and network with colleagues. Yet our children, however much they seem to have been born with iPods growing out of their ears, haven't learned to handle digital communications by osmosis, any more than they innately knew how to write a résumé or hold a fork.
Tero Toivanen

Education Futures - Settlers of the Shift - 26 views

    Settlers of the shift is an open map of experts, organizations and ideas that are scattered around the globe. It's for people whose work is shifting us towards a better tomorrow - a New World Order 2.0. This map aims to encourage people to connect across sectors and enable you to tie partnerships with like-minded individuals.
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