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Tracy Sockalosky

How Students Use Technology [INFOGRAPHIC] Mashable How Students Use Technology [INFOGRAPHIC] | The top source for social and digital news - 62 views

    Great infographic...content and presentation!
Steve Ransom

35 Great Social Media Infographics | pamorama - 41 views

    Amazing resource of infographics here!!
Linda Muir

The Anatomy Of An Infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Visual | SpyreStudios - 47 views

  • Color Coding Graphics Reference Icons Content
    Sneh talks a "walk through the anatomy of an infographic, its different levels and sub-levels[,] and a 5-step process to ensure that your infographic is not only conceptually sound, but accurate and easily understood" (¶ 5, retrieved 2011.08.09).
Julian Ridden

How Social Media is Changing the Education Industry [INFOGRAPHIC] | Penn Olson - 0 views

    How Social Media is Changing the Education Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]
Judy Robison

Infographics for Secondary Classrooms - LiveBinder - 39 views

    introduction to infographics, clues to teaching and/or creating with infographics, huge collection of ready to use inforgraphics for High School
Aman Khani

The future of Cloud Computing in India [Infographic] - 1 views

shared by Aman Khani on 08 Sep 16 - No Cached
    Cloud computing market getting mature globally and it also include the developing countries like India. In this Infographic you can have a sight of the growing cloud computing in India.

Infographic: Anatomy of a Teacher - 0 views

    Being a teacher definitely isn't for everyone. The things I put teachers through while I was at school is enough for me not to pursue it as a career. This infographic highlights some interesting facts related to the profession. For example, the average salary of a teacher is $53,910 and 17% of all teachers have a second job. Check out the infographic below for more indepth data on being a teacher. (Source: Masters in Teaching
Elana Leoni

The Flipped Classroom Infographic #flippedclassroom #blendedlearning #edtech - 0 views

    Useful infographic on the flipped classroom model.
Martin Burrett - InfoGraphics - 0 views

    A good site for exploring, sharing and creating stylish infographics. Get your class you make visually stunning displays and posters to explain their ideas. [Be aware - Site was in Beta last time I checked]
Neil O'Sullivan

Infographic: Get More Out Of Google | HackCollege - 0 views

    inforgraph on how to do better google searches
    Get more out of Google infographic
Nik Peachey

Infographed - 0 views

    Huge collection of infographics
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