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Josh Paluch

Duncan: Superintendents Need To Think Differently About Education Investments -- THE Journal - 0 views

  • "Yes." Part of the cost for textbook publishers is trying to deal with at least 50 sets of standards, and that isn't efficient for anyone.
    • Josh Paluch
      So, if they only have to produce to one national standard, the cost of textbooks should drop dramatically. Let's see..... I have my doubts.
  • talked about meetings she has attended with other agencies to develop a plan to get more bandwidth to rural areas in the country
  • Office of Educational Technology Still Up in the Air The topic of a new director for the Office of Educational Technology provided the least amount of discussion. Shelton refused comment on who that person might be, when a name might be released, or even where the position would be placed in the organization. Beginning with the first Director, Linda Roberts under Secretary Richard Riley in the Clinton administration and continuing through John Bailey, Susan Patrick, and Tim Magner under President Bush, this position has always reported directly to the secretary. Rumor in Washington is that the position will report to the assistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement, Shelton, and not the secretary.
Dennis Richards

'We're Going to the Moon:' Part 2 | innovation3 - 0 views

    This morning President Obama gave what I would call his 'We're-Going-to-the-Moon' speech at the 146th Annual Meeting of National Academy of the Sciences. Earlier today I wrote a post, Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Our Children, on a comment by Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan about the need to challenge the educational status quo. After listening to President Obama's speech, I realized it was a Part 2 to my earlier post so I retitled the post 'We're-Going-to-the-Moon:' Part 1 and titled this post Part 2. Please listen to the entire speech and read the full text, but here I quote the President's comments on STEM education.
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