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Dwayne Abrahams

Research - 17 views

    "Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc.™'s Academic Language Program for Students (ALPS) delivers a robust library of stimulating ebooks and educational games to parents, children and teachers anywhere/anytime through innovative mobile gaming technology. Developed by educational experts usingthe latest research on cognitive development, ALPS provides young learners with 1,000 essential vocabulary words through interactive eBooks that are sure to engage today's digital students whether at school or home."
Jim Farmer

Galaxy Zoo: Hubble - 25 views

    Help classify galaxies from Hubble photographs. 
Rick Beach

Do Podcasts Help Students Learn? - 30 views

    research indicates that podcasts enhanced college students' learning.
Bruce Huddleson

DocsTeach - 1 views

    access to more than 3,000 primary sources from the National Archives
    Primary search tool from the National Archives. Create activities. Excellent!
Jorge Gonçalves

Microsoft Teacher Guides: Developing Critical Thinking Through Web Research Skills | Le... - 59 views

    Free e-book about critical thinking and a very good collection of critical thinking related sites.
Judy Robison

Taming the Wild Wiki | Lesson - 48 views

    a really excellent lesson about Wikipedia from the excellent folks in Canada - Media Awareness.
Ruth Howard @ kansas state university - 0 views

    beautiful comparative presentation by mwesch on digital information gathering filing use sorting etc
Jeremy Davis

JENKINS_WHITE_PAPER.PDF (application/pdf Object) - 0 views

    Media Education for the 21st Century
AJ Tivol

3 Models of Value in the Real Time Web - ReadWriteWeb - 1 views

  • Paul Buchheit, the man who built the first versions of both Gmail and Adsense, says the real time web is going to be the next big thing.
  • But what's the point? What's in it for us, as users? We offer below three models of value that we suspect will be found in the Real Time Web. They are the concepts that underly the vision described above at the top of this post. Those concepts are Ambiance, Automation and Emergence. This is just an initial exploration of ideas, reality will undoubtedly be more complicated shortly. We welcome your participation in thinking about this part of the fast-approaching future of the web.
    The Real Time Web may include instant updates about information, automated notification of changed information, and the emergence of hot topics.
Phyllis Traylor

Thinkfinity Literacy Network | Achieving Literacy Across the Lifespan - 0 views

    Thinkfinity Literacy Network delivers free, top-quality online educational resources for literacy instruction and lifelong learning for adults and family literacy programs. The content on TLN strengthens literacy development, creativity and critical thinking skills for success in the 21st Century.
Samantha Morra

eyePlorer - 0 views

    Explore and process knowledge. I may try this with a class for note taking.
Danny Nicholson

Web 2.0 technologies for learning at KS3 and KS4 - 0 views

    Becta Government & partners - Research - Reports and publications -
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