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Pamela Stevens

TeachPaperless: Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology (or: I promis... - 0 views

    Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology (or: I promised Dean Groom
    I wouldn't write a top ten list; so this one goes up to eleven.)

    The Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must
    Know About Technology
Judy Robison

Online University Reviews : 100 Most Inspiring and Innovative Blogs for Educators - 2 views

    "Whether you work at elementary schools or online colleges, you will find that being a teacher is a difficult and often thankless job. Between lesson plans, unengaged students, and new emerging technologies, teachers need help now more than ever. Luckily, there are a few resources out there for educators looking for tips, empathy, and inspiration.

    Blogs are a great way for teachers to connect with other great teachers around the world, find advice and inspiration, and learn new, cutting-edge teaching strategies. By visiting the 100 blogs below, you will find answers to all of your questions, as well as valuable teaching resources."
J Black

Transitioning to Web 2.0 - 0 views

  • consume like crazy AND continue to freely share, even when everything inside of me screams against it. This year has taught me that there are and will continue to be many times that others won't get it, or simply won't care about the radical ways technology is changing everything, especially education. When I feel like clutching new know
    nkj;kh;uhjkb, ;jnkj
    It's very difficult to get others to realize this. A picture is worth...but maybe a picture and text are worth more. If you are just starting on this journey, be warned that it is a bumpy one. It takes others a while to see the "whole picture" and I have to remind myself they'll piece it together at their own pace.
Phil Taylor

Betchablog - 0 views

  • The students who made this clip did a great job of pointing out the limitations of non-digital media in a very funny way.  It’s so true, and although I don’t really agree with the whole “digital natives” idea in terms of their deeper understanding of technology, I certainly agree that our kids do just expect things to work in a certain way.  And they are right… Why shouldn’t a picture be clickable?  Or a word be linkable?
    Chris Betcher's blog.
Jeff Johnson

Become Better at Teaching with Technology, Conquering One Tech Challenge a Month for a ... - 0 views

    The whole idea of the challenge has sparked my imagination about creating a challenge for teachers. I think teachers might be intrigued by the idea that they can become better at teaching with technology in "X" simple steps. The challenge might take on the title: Become Better at Teaching with Technology, Conquering One Tech Challenge a Month for a Year.

Jeff Johnson

Digital Education - 0 views

    This blog post on Ewan McIntosh's points out a new peer-reviewed study that links Web 2.0 to academic improvement. The report found that Web 2.0 tools encourage participation and engagement, especially for those students who are timid; help students continue classroom discussions outside of the classroom; let students who are so inclined continue researching anytime, anywhere; and instill a sense of ownership and pride in students for the work they publish online, which can lead to more attention to detail and a better quality of work.

    The report also found that one of the biggest obstacles to using Web 2.0 tools in the classroom was the time it takes teachers to incorporate those new tools into lesson plans. Although many teachers were familiar with the tools and used them in their personal lives, they were apprehensive about how to monitor Internet use in the classroom and the time needed to figure out how those tools should be used to teach.
Teresa Gerardi

Edmodo | Secure Social Learning Network for Teachers and Students - 2 views

    microblogging for teachers
Nigel Ford

50 Useful Blogging Tools for Teachers - 7 views

    Blogging is becoming more and more popular in the classroom. Teachers can blog to stay in touch with parents and students or they can incorporate blogs from all of the students as a learning tool. The beauty of the student blog is that children from Kindergarten to high school can blog. No matter how you use blogs in your classroom, these tools will help you get started, enhance your experience, or bring the students into the fun.
    A good list of web based tools for teachers and students. It is a useful list. There are categories and an annotated description of each tool.
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