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Jorge Gonçalves

Mobile Assisted Language Learning - 27 views

    Smartphones and tablets give students access to all types of multimedia. Mobile access to Internet services offers a virtually constant, uninterrupted connection to learning resources. Access to sound files, mobile apps, podcasts, and video files from around the globe make mobile technology ideal for any student who would like to learn to speak a foreign language through multimedia.

    Without a course or program, it could be difficult for an independent learner to organize a curriculum; but what if vocabulary lessons were at your fingertips?
Maggie Verster

Mobile Learning Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training (PDF) - 23 views

    Dat Binh Duong
    Mua Ban Nha Dat
    Dong Do Dai Pho
    Can Ho Anh Tuan
Maggie Verster

The Innovative Educator: 5 Steps to Harnessing the Power of Cells in Education Today - 28 views

    Even teachers like this can begin harnessing the power of cell phones to enrich teaching and learning starting now...even if they're banned, even if your students don't all have them, and even if you haven't done anything in advance to prepare introducing them into your class. You can begin today by following these five steps which you can implement in your own classroom as well as share with administrators and other teachers so they can begin doing the same.
Maggie Verster

Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources - 27 views

    A brilliant list of mobile learning sites and blogs!!!
Ruth Howard

DJEEO in 5 minutes - 0 views

    We call DJEEO an outdoors computer game for children. DJEEO combines advanced IT technology with outdoors activities in a multimedia treasure hunt/orientation run. DJEEO is designed to: Facilitate learning through physical activity and play. Strengthen cooperation and communication. Increase intensity and activity for all participants. How do you win? To win a mission a team needs to score the most points. A team scores points by solving problems and finding posts in the field. The game can only be completed through close cooperation between the agents in the field and the control center. DJEEO in Education The problems that need to be solved can be tailored to the subject being taught in class. In other words DJEEO can be used as an educational tool in almost any subject at primary school. After a session where 20 teachers participated we asked them which subjects they thought DJEEO could be used in. Their answer: “Mathematics, social studies, geography, language, physical education, etc. We then discussed DJEEO’s usefulness as an educational tool. All agreed that the ability to adjust the level of difficulty and the tailoring of questions to subject matter, allowed by the flexible project module, makes DJEEO a valuable tool for almost any subject.
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