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Dives Gallaecia

Resurrection of a Dark Fayum Beauty (Photoshop Restoration) - YouTube - 0 views

    Portraits such as these are some of the most poignant surviving artifacts from around the time of, but not beyond, the 3rd century, in which the dead, such as they were, were painted and immortalized on planks of wood or other surfaces which sometimes covered the face of their mummy. It is generally accepted that this style of portrait was in vogue in the Greek colonies within Egypt, which gradually phased out with political, religious, and economic change. It is a fascinating spotlight in that period of Egypt's history, where the clear separation between the Greek and Egyptian portraits began to mingle and reveal citizens of mixed ancestry, combining Greek and Egyptian features in their faces.
Isabel Alcaide

Naples Uncovered - Google Arts & Culture - 0 views

    Bustos de emperadores,retratos de la antigua Pompeya, frescos... Con la posibilidad de ampliar muchísimo las imágenes!!!!
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