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Darcy Goshorn

Acrostic Poem Creator, Acrostic Poem Maker, Name Maker. Acrostic Poetry - 11 views

    "This Online Program will help you create an acrostic poem for your name. The program will help you decide on descriptive words for your acrostic poem. It will then turn your acrostic poem into a beautiful looking poem."
Michelle Krill

How to add Chroma key (green screen effects) to a movie for FREE! - 0 views

    Wanna make a movie like the pros? Using green screen editing? It's all free (besides the actual green screen itself) with this awesome program. Debug Mode's WAX is a video/picture/music editor. It has a drag and drop time line like in Windows Movie maker, so you can add pictures and music to your video.
Michelle Krill

Game helps kids crack the code at an early age | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 4 views

    "Puzzlets was developed by Pittsburgh-based startup Digital Dream Labs for ages 6 through 10. It's designed to teach basic programming and coding skills and to make gameplay time educational as well as entertaining."
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