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Trevor Holmes

Excellence in Education Award for Promotion of Sustainable Practices | CMHC - 0 views

  • educational contribution to sustainable practices in the fields of architecture, planning, landscape architecture, urban design, geography, engineering, and environmental studies. I
    Several UW profs could win this!
Mark Morton

UW Forum for Admitted Students :: Engineering :: Co-op jobs - 0 views

  • Is it true that international students find it more difficult to get a co-op job?
Mark Morton

ECCS - Students - Engineering Co-op - 0 views

  • International students and Co-op Co-op offers international students an excellent opportunity to gain Canadian work experience. International students can apply for Co-op opportunities, provided they have secured the required documentation and approvals to gain legal permission to work off campus. International students must have the following BEFORE applying for Co-op positions: Valid passport that will cover the extended duration of studies, including the work term(s), Valid study permit that will cover the extended duration of studies, including the work term(s), Valid work permit that will cover the duration of the work term(s). Students should apply for work permits well before the anticipated start of the work term. Do not wait until you have been extended an offer! Paperwork processing could take weeks or months, and if the legal documentation is not obtained in time, the offer of employment will be forfeited. If you are an international student planning to apply for Co-op positions, speak to ECCS staff when you register in Co-op and request a letter that will confirm that your intended work term employment is a requirement of your academic program. This letter will need to be submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada with the “Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada”, along with any other required documents, when you apply for the work permit. Information on this process and application forms can be found at:
Mark Morton

CATME Team Maker - 0 views

    For teams to be successful, the teamwork environment must be managed. The Team-Maker forms teams according to user-specified criteria. The Comprehensive Assessment for Team-Member Effectiveness (CATME) gathers peer evaluation data and self evaluations to assess how effectively each team member contributes to the team and gives feedback to team members and to the person administering the teams.
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