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100 Incredible & Educational Virtual Tours You Don't Want to Miss | Online Universities - 5 views

    useful for several disciplines

UW CIP - International Connections Report - Current - 0 views

  • The environment on campus is already international in many respects, due to a multicultural and diverse student body with many ethnic and international students' clubs. Exchange programs are a tremendous learning experience for students and interest in them is growing every year, as evidenced by the number of active student exchange agreements and students participating. Faculty coordinators work on a volunteer basis, and the success of the exchange programs is due in large part to their enthusiasm and dedication. Some exchange agreements provide possibilities for work terms abroad, and these are very attractive to students as a way of broadening their international experience and providing potential employment opportunities upon graduation. In spite of resource limitations, the Department of Co-operative Education and Career Services has been quite successful in finding international placements for students. Waterloo has a strong National Alumni Council and alumni in approximately 100 countries around the world, many in positions of influence.

The Journal of Cooperative Education and Internships - 0 views

  • Title: The Silent Minority: Working with Traditional American Indian Students in Cooperative Education Programs #2 Author: Newell, J., Tyon, M. C. Volume: 25 Accepted Date: 5/1/1989 Page Numbers: 79 - 87 Abstract: Addresses the needs of a traditional Native American population to find work and job success in a culture, which is foreign. Reviews values of Native Americans and the relationship of these values to different employment situations. Suggests that the concepts discussed in this article may be critical for the success of traditional Native American student participation in cooperative education Document: You must log in to view file.
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