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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games Series - 1 views

    The adventure in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games Series starts with searching pieces of the Crystal Portal key. You act as a journalist Nicole Rankvist. Her father Robert is an archeologist, disappeared after discovering an artifact that is able change humanity!

    Be sure your adventure continues in the 2nd part of The Mystery of the Crystal Portal, though you' ve found Nicole Rankvist's father.

    To complete all the tasks you're to visit seven unique locations (each with several scenes) performed in attractive detail, completed with animated areas, moving pieces and crisp sound effects. The best feature of all the games of this series is the container item system.

    So, are you ready to find your way back home?!

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Magic Encyclopedia games take you on a journey in the world of Magic!!! - 0 views

    Magic Encyclopedia games is a perfect mix of challenging puzzle gameplay and immersive atmosphere of adventure in the magical world .

    In all the games of this series You act as Katrina, the student of the Academy of Magic, where young people learn to use their magical powers. The gameplay includes finding the hidden pieces of important items and solving addictive puzzles.

    In general the game is a great blend of hand-drawn artwork, decent story and many mini-games to play.

    It's time to open your Magic Encyclopedia!
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Meet with a mix of match 3 and hidden object levels in Deep Blue Sea 2! - 0 views

    If you have seen the movie, Deep Blue Sea, Forget it!!!

    The pc game Deep Blue Sea is a treasure hunt and totally unrelated to the movie, except for the title.

    Deep Blue Sea is a puzzle game, but unlike most puzzles, like Bejeweled and Sweet tooth, there is a story line; which adds another dimension to the game play.

    Deep Blue Sea game is the right balance of power-ups, challenging levels, and good production values.

    The sequel to Deep Blue Sea allows you to enjoy the Hidden Object levels when you want a break from Match-3. So, Cruise the Island Area, dive for treasure and uncover the mystery of Avalonia in this outstanding Match-3 and Hidden Object game - Deep Blue Sea 2

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Embark on the exciting adventure with Samantha Swift Games!!! - 0 views

    Help an archaeologist-adventurer Samantha Swift to reveal the truth in all her adventures:

    Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena Game

    Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch Game

    Samantha Swift and the Mystery from Atlantis Game

    Unlock hidden-object adventure levels, solve a wide variety of puzzles, collect artifacts for The Museum, travel the world to exotic locations & piece together clues to uncover the secrets!
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