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Jelo Pacana

Freedom Waterless Car Wash with PEGGY LOH - 0 views

    If you enjoy driving a clean car but can't spare the time to visit the car wash as often as you would like, Mobile Green Wash (MGW) is for you. And if you want a new car for the New Year but can't afford one, then give your old car a facelift the MGW way. With the revolutionary MGW, long queues at the car wash, waiting in discomfort, the risk of car-jacking and accidents by careless car-washers, are all things of the past. MGW's Clean+Green+Mobile services offer customers the flexibility of having the cars washed at wherever they are - at home, the office or golf club - without creating a wet mess and with no sign of the bucket, hose, shampoo and suds. It uses instead professional car-care products with no surface-unfriendly chemicals so your paintwork is safe. Mobile Green Wash, Malaysia's first mobile waterless carwash, started when Nicholas Lee, 29, was a student in Australia, a country which practices water conservation. In a 2008 visit to the United States, Lee was exposed to the concept of conscious car care and he returned home with ideas to develop a car-cleaning method that saves water and protects the environment. "We advocate conscious car care while saving water and caring for the environment," said Lee, an electronics engineer, who spent 12 months researching and testing various products on his family cars before introducing them to MGW. MGW is the sole representative of the US-made products that are modified to suit our tropical climate. The products incorporate intelligent use of wetting agents, lubricants and polymers designed to seal in protection and add shine to a car's surface. The MGW car wash uses 10 pieces of fine quality microfibre cloths on each car in a three-step method - spray-on, wipe-off and buff-up. Using the cloths, the service team scrubs away embedded dirt and wipes surfaces. They never re-use the same cloths before they are thoroughly machine washed. A team supervisor checks the vehicle's internal a
Jelo Pacana

Freedom Articles - 0 views

    Everyone loves a clean car, but washing a car is actually dirty business for the environment! Did you know that it's actually greener to take your car to a commercial carwash than to wash it at home? According to International Carwash Association washing your car at home actually wastes 80-140 gallons of water and the toxins from washing your car end up in your storm drain, polluting rivers and streams. Washing your car at a carwash only consumes 45 gallons or less and commercial carwashes are required by law to treat the water so it doesn't pollute the earth. If you do chose to wash your car at home, make sure you find eco-friendly products. You can purchase biodegradable soap at Simple Greenor make your own! Also, try not to use your driveway, but wash your car on your lawn. This way the toxic water can be absorbed and neutralized by the soil. There are even ways to wash your car without using water at all! There are some carwashes that use the waterless technique, which includes a solution that is sprayed on the car and then wiped away with a cloth. You can search for a waterless carwash in your area; just make sure they use eco-friendly products. You can even buy your own waterless car wash products on the Freedom Waterless Carwash website. Let's have a sparkling clean car and a sparkling clean planet! Think Green When Washing Your Car If you must wash your car at home, choose a biodegradable soap specifically formulated for automotive parts, such as Simple Green's Car Wash or Gliptone's Wash 'n Glow. Or you can make your own biodegradable car wash by mixing one cup of liquid dishwashing detergent and 3/4 cup of powdered laundry detergent (each should be chlorine- and phosphate-free and non-petroleum-based) with three gallons of water. This concentrate can then be used sparingly with water over exterior car surfaces. Check out the website for more info! Waterless Car Wash Products are Good for Small Jobs One way to avo
Tony An

Innovation has turned the Face of Auto Industry in a New Direction - 0 views

    With time, automobile industry and its trends has changed drastically. It is due to the fast pace of innovativeness in technology and increased usage of machines and computers; we can notice the inventions occurred in the past many years in our cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. The latest innovations in this industry are green cars, electric cars, concept cars, and many others.
DW Honda

Honda - The Go Green Car Maker - 0 views

    Honda enchants "Go Green" mantra by its "Green Purchasing" program at more than 600 North American OEM parts suppliers.
Car pool

Carpool RiideShare Green cars - 0 views Who we are? We are group of individuals, just like you, who care for the nature which surrounds us. We had taken one step forward to minimize the degradation of our environ...

air pollution auto share car cost cutting car money saver car share carbon footprints carpool carpooling eco friendly environmental pollution global warming green car join a car maintenance cost cost. global warming ozone ozone. ride sharecar shareauto

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Vortege Ville

Ferrari Enzo, Escape Hybrid, Dodge's New Compact: Car News Headlines - 0 views

    While the world pays condolences to Apple's founder, we're studying the details on the next super Ferrari and Dodge compact car--and wondering where greens will go when the Escape Hybrid isn't on sale any more. Car sharing, odo tampering and LH guilty pleasures--it's all here today at High Gear Media.
david morison

Why Caravan Needs a Cover - 1 views

The damage caused by leaving a vehicle outside in all weathers is very painful. Would you leave your car out on the street or you can put it safely in the garage? You protect your car from the dama...

Motorcycle Covers Boat Car Caravan BBQ

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Vortege Ville

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid - 0 views

    A new Escape is due for the 2013 model year, but Ford says it's not going to add batteries and motors to the new version, since it's fielding a range of new green utility vehicles in the form of the C-Max Hybrid, Energi plug-in and electric vehicles.
    A new Escape is due for the 2013 model year, but Ford says it's not going to add batteries and motors to the new version, since it's fielding a range of new green utility vehicles in the form of the C-Max Hybrid, Energi plug-in and electric vehicles.
Scott Halliday

Nissan Expounds On Electric Vehicle Plans at - 0 views

    Wow, Nissan sure has been busy lately bringing their fleet of vehicles into the 21st century. Following their recent announcement of new fuel injector technology and approval for a $1.6 billion U.S. Department of Energy loan, they have laid out in detail what's coming in the near future. The company's plan will give the Japanese automaker a strong position in the global automarket.
game gautruc

What Is Air Duct Cleaning? - 1 views

Efficient devoted to providing our customers using the highest level related to service. Consider where you work coenzyme q10 la gi most companies don't have regular duct cleaning in the HVAC syste...

thuoc chua benh parkinson

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