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started by meeklawfirm on 12 Jun 14
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    In North Carolina, estate planning offers a multitude of benefits for property owners. Most owners consider estate planning a task that is needed only to cover matters in the event that the owner dies. This is not true; it assists with needed provisions for additional circumstances such as the owner becoming incapacitated due to illness or unforeseen accidents. If you wish to begin the estate planning process today you should contact the Meek Law Firm or visit to learn more. Estate Planning Protects You and Your AssetsThe first item to consider when you plan your estate is the assignment of ownership for your property and assets when you die.

    You can consult lawyers in charlotte nc to determine the most effective methods of generating necessary documents such as a will. These documents instruct your attorney or administrator as to how you want your property distributed. At the first sign of conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease, you should begin a care plan through estate planning practices. This plan determines who will take care of you when you are rendered incapacitated. It also establishes who can use your property and assets as well as stipulations for this limited form of entitlement.

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    This protects you and your beneficiaries from unethical practices. For instance, if you establish that you want an in-home nurse to care for you, it is possible for you to identify the family member which will hire this individual and define stipulations that safeguard any assets found in your home. If your estate plan includes no-contest clauses, it is also less likely that any family members can file a motion to fight against ownership assigned in your will. For example, if you wish to leave properties or assets to non-family members, these clauses enforce your final wishes. Further provisions can protect any inheritance left to your children in the event that your spouse remarries after your death. If your spouse married an individual who has children from a previous marriage you can protect the rights of your children to their inheritance.

    These provisions prevent additional children from gaining access to assets such as trust funds creating for your own children through your widowed spouse. They could also protect the rights of your spouse should their new spouse file for divorce later on and make claims against these properties. Estate planning is a form of safeguarding your property and assets. It prevents the probability of legal actions against your family by enforcing provisions. If you wish to create an estate plan to protect your interests of those of your family, you should contact the Business Law Firm Charlotte NC today to begin this process.

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