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valerie taylor

AVweb » The World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource - 0 views

    Aviation news and columns about all
    aspects of aviation.
valerie taylor

AWAM Main - 0 views

    Association for Women in Aviation
    Maintenance has membership, scholarship,
    conferences and speakers network information.
    AWAM was formed to champion
    women's professional growth and opportunities
    in aviation maintenance.
valerie taylor

Be a Sport Pilot | Learn To Fly Light Sport Aircraft LSA | Sport Plane | Trikes Weight-... - 0 views

    Paul Hamilton's interesting and informative
    site on Sport Pilot, Powered Parachute
    Pilot and Trike Pilot, as well as the blog
    "Ask the Expert."
valerie taylor

Blue Yonder Girl, Pilot Gear for the Pilot Girl - 0 views

    "Pilot gear for the Pilot Girl" is the
    motto. Learn to Fly button at Rison Aviation
    in San Diego, California.
valerie taylor

To celebrate, pilots introduced 1,647 girls & women to flying in 29 countries/4 contine... - 0 views

    Official website of the Centennial of Licensed
    Women Pilots. Great international
    network to share your enthusiasm and
    outreach efforts to promote more women
    in aviation. Interesting history of women
    in aviation. 2011 is the 100th anniversary
    of the first American female licensed pilot,
    Harriet Quimby, on August 1, 1911.
valerie taylor

EAA - The Spirit of Aviation - Oshkosh, WI - 0 views

    Experimental Aircraft Association. In
    addition to member services and news, provides
    Learn to Fly, Sport Pilot and Young
    Eagles information and encouragement to
    the aviation community. Chapter links help
    you to network at your own airport.
valerie taylor

WomenVenture EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - 0 views

    A motivational site to encourage women,
    especially those attending WomenVenture
    EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
    Women Soar-You Soar programs and
    schedule for women and teen girls are
valerie taylor

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - FAI - 0 views

    general aviation world records.
valerie taylor

Fly Girls of WWII - 0 views

    Special links and information that honor
    the Women Airforce Service Pilots of
valerie taylor

Girls Can Fly - 0 views

    Partnership of Phoenix Ninety-Nines,
    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and
    Arizona Cactus Pine Girl Scout Council to
    create Aviation Discovery Camp. A good
    example of collaborative efforts to encourage
    and mentor young girls in aviation.
valerie taylor

Girls Explore - Dolls To Inspire - 0 views

    The mission of Girls Explore is to
    make and sell dolls and other educational
    products to inspire young girls to achieve
    greatness. Doll sets, posters, prints and
    book biographies of Amelia Earhart and
    Bessie Coleman are just a few of the many
    unique products available to encourage
    young girls to explore aviation.
valerie taylor

Home - Program For Research and Outreach on Gender Equity in Society - 0 views

    Program for Research and Outreach on
    Gender Equity and Society, whose mission
    is to teach women and girls to negotiate.
valerie taylor

International Aviation Womens Association | International Aviation Womens Association - 0 views

    International Aviation Womens Association,
    which was organized for women in
    Executive positions and leadership in aviation
    and aerospace, includes membership,
    conference and scholarship information.
valerie taylor

Home - International Society of Women Airline Pilots - 0 views

    International Society of Women Airline
    Pilots, sometimes called ISA+21, to acknowledge
    the original 21 members who
    formed ISA in 1978. Site includes membership
    and scholarship information.
valerie taylor

Landings: Pages: databases, aircraft sales, planning, weather, pilot supplies, more... - 0 views

    Aviation news and products, databases,
    the Student Pilot Resources links to
    AOPA Flight Training Magazine FREE
    offers. Several "Air Forums" for online
valerie taylor

LadiesLoveTaildraggers - 0 views

    Where ladies share their passion for tail
    wheel airplanes and flying adventures.
valerie taylor

Leaders Take Flight - 0 views

    The ultimate Leadership Adventure
    Training through general aviation developed
    by pilots Linda Castner and Dr. Sue
valerie taylor

YouTube - protein synthesis dance - 0 views

    "this was from a 70's science explaination video that had a lecture for 3 minutes before it, but due to time limits, i edited it out and left the gloriously odd dancing. enjoy"
valerie taylor

About Us - 0 views

    "Wright Flight offers a variety of programs which use aviation as a motivation. Typically, a student enrolled in the program sets an academic or behavioral goal he or she contracts to improve. The contract also stipulates the student must pass the Wright Flight aviation history course in addition to remaining drug and alcohol free"
valerie taylor

Wright Flight - 0 views

    "motivate kids to do better in school. Working almost single-handedly at first, he developed the program materials and organized a group of volunteers and pilots to teach the program and ultimately to fly the graduating students."
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