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If night lights were mountains: Cartographer invents whole new way to look at Earth - 0 views

    Pretty cool maps. and Jacob is my classmate at Clark.
Todd Suomela

Data, a first-class research output - 0 views

    " The Make Data Count (MDC) project is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to develop and deploy the social and technical infrastructure necessary to elevate data to a first-class research output alongside more traditional products, such as publications. It will run between May 2017 and April 2019. The project will address the significant social as well as technical barriers to widespread incorporation of data-level metrics in the research data management ecosystem through consultation, recommendation, new technical capability, and community outreach. Project work will build upon long-standing partner initiatives supporting research data management and DLM, leverage prior Sloan investments in key technologies such as Lagotto, and enlist the cooperation of the research, library, funder, and publishing stakeholder communities."
Leslie Harris

For Big-Data Scientists, 'Janitor Work' Is Key Hurdle to Insights - - 0 views

    New York Times article about some of the challenges of "big data" analysis - particularly the data cleanup needed to make useful inferences.
Leslie Harris

Where Are the Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.? - - 0 views

    Another interesting NY Times GIS map of "wellness" by county in the United States. I am using the term "wellness" not in a health context but instead as a summary description of their six data points: education, median household income, unemployment rate, disability rate, life expectancy, and obesity.
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