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Mary Jo Mack

Physical Weathering Of Rocks: Sugar Cube Breakdown | - 1 views

    • Mary Jo Mack
      4.2.1 "Demonstrate and describe how smaller rocks come from the breakage and weathering of larger rocks in a process that occurs over a long period of time."
    • Mary Jo Mack
      This would be a great language development activity for ELL students- they could be challenged to use adjectives to describe what they are seeing during the weathering process. 
    The rocks that compose the Earth's crust are subjected to a variety of forces. Depending on the environmental factors at work, the rocks can be altered in size or in composition. Factors such as wind, water, plants, and animals cause weathering, physical changes in rocks that affect their size. However, physical changes do not affect the composition of rock. In this activity you will see the effect of physical weathering on rocks.
Brandon Appleton

Rock Experiments - Learn About Erosion - 1 views

    • Brandon Appleton
      If students struggle to get this activity there are two more to try to attempt to get them to understand how rocks break down. Not a whole lot else you can do with this activity to differentiate that I can think of, feel free to post any ideas
    • Susie Beesley
      You could have English Language Learners work in small groups with native English speakers; students often feel more comfortable with contributing comments and asking questions in small groups.
    • Susie Beesley
      You could address other multiple intelligences by asking students to draw the results of their experiments. There are several variations already included on the site.
    Great little site that contains 3 different rock experiments that are easy to conduct and can provide great conversations among the class
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