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Graham Perrin

Please Post Appropriate Content - 69 views

Apology I accidentally copied to this group four bookmarks that were intended for another group (a sandpit). A slip of the mouse whilst working with my own bookmarks. I have removed all four.

Borne Mace

Welcome - 43 views

Anyone interested in contributing or discussing information regarding the brain, it's function, modification, etc, is most welcome.


Gerald Carey

CEMM TBI - Interactive Brain - 33 views

    Nice interactive overview of the main parts of the brain.
    Excellent site. Thanks so much for sharing this.
Borne Mace

Get Smarter by Realizing You're Not That Great - 38 views

    I'm guessing some of you find this interesting, but I'm probably wrong because I'm an idiot. :)
Wanda Terral

Nine Stubborn Brain Myths That Just Won't Die, Debunked by Science - 30 views

    Myth 1: Left-Brained People Are Organized, Right-Brained People Are Creative; Myth 3: You Only Use 10% of Your Brain; Myth 5: The Internet Is Making Us Dumber; Myth 7: Brain Games Make You Smarter; Myth 8: Your IQ Is Fixed and Stays the Same Throughout Your Life; Myth 9: Your Brain Works Better Under Pressure
Heather McQuaid

How cannabis causes 'cognitive chaos' in the brain - 17 views

    brain waves get out of sync

Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness - 25 views

    • anonymous
      Love this.  Ian has systematically compared mind/brain differences and similarities for the layman struggling with physics and some New Age deceits around this.  Thank You Ian.
Ronn Black

Khan Academy (Free Video courses on Math, Investing, science, etc) - 16 views

    Free Video courses on Math, Investing, science, etc
    It sounds interesting :-)
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