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Borne Mace

New people wanting to post - 3 views

Sadly we still get a lot of junk / spam users here on Diigo and the moderation tools are terrible, so if you are actually interested in contributing to the group please send me a message to be appr...

started by Borne Mace on 02 Oct 15 no follow-up yet
Borne Mace

Item Posting - 7 views

I try to not post this kind of message very often to minimize group management noise but it has been a while so here it is: Sadly group management and link approval is an obnoxious process with Di...

started by Borne Mace on 01 Apr 11 no follow-up yet

Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics - 10 views

A Prezi I created about the science beliefs behind the coaching.

psychology brain

Graham Perrin

Please Post Appropriate Content - 69 views

Apology I accidentally copied to this group four bookmarks that were intended for another group (a sandpit). A slip of the mouse whilst working with my own bookmarks. I have removed all four.

Borne Mace

Many Thanks - 21 views

Hi Folks, I just wanted to post a quick message in thanks for all the wonderful content people have been posting as of late. Rather than an individual effort, or that by just a couple of people, ...

started by Borne Mace on 16 Jan 09 no follow-up yet
Borne Mace

Welcome - 44 views

Anyone interested in contributing or discussing information regarding the brain, it's function, modification, etc, is most welcome.


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