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Gerald Carey

This Is Why You're Terrible With Names -- Science of Us - 34 views

Gerald Carey

The Prisoner's Dilemma - YouTube - 2 views

shared by Gerald Carey on 05 Apr 16 - No Cached
    This subject reminds me of the book Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. Thanks for sharing.
David McGavock

What We Do - 10 views

  • We develop engaging, diverse programs with high visibility to reach broad segments of the population or well-defined target audiences.
  • We create and organize special events on topics that advance our mission, including Brain Awareness Week.
  • We work to advance education by training instructors in brain topics, disseminating materials for neuroscience curricula, and participating in outreach efforts for museum exhibits, movies, documentaries, and other projects about the brain.
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  • We conceptualize, develop, and disseminate informative publications about the brain and brain research.
  • We act as a resource for and gateway to current, accurate information about the brain and brain science for the public, media, educators, seniors, children, and other specialized groups.
    "The Dana Alliance's mission is to advance public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research and to disseminating information about the brain in an understandable and accessible fashion. Through a breadth of programs, publications, and special events, the Alliance promotes a greater understanding of brain science."
Gerald Carey

Daniel Tammet | The Boy With The Incredible Brain - YouTube - 3 views

Gerald Carey

BPS Research Digest: How to evaluate an argument like a trained scientist - 9 views

    Good list of examples of the typical types of arguments and ideas.
Gerald Carey

Neuroscience: Crammed with connections - YouTube - 4 views

    Awesome video showing details of all neurons found in a small area of mouse brain.
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