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Karen Chichester

This is your brain on nouns | Booster Shots | Los Angeles Times - 4 views

  • the researchers documented the precise coordinates of the brain's activity in response. They sifted out the brain activity that was common to all the words--say,
  • activation of visual processing areas that play a central role in reading
  • hinking about a single noun like "truck" or "butterfly" sparked activity in many different places in the brain. That's just more evidence that the brain is a far-flung network of regions and specialized cells that exchange information and coordinate efforts in even the simplest task.
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  • hose activation patterns
  • commonplace nouns into four lines:
  • or an entryway
  • represent shelter,
  • words that are long
  • things that are manipulated
  • Some of the brain regions lighted up when a "manipulation" noun was read were areas that typically activate when we imagine grasping something.
  • are eaten
  • When a "shelter" noun was read, brain areas that have been associated in past research with looking at, recognizing and identifying buildings and structures became activated.
  • "Eating" nouns typically energized a region of the brain associated with the coordination and movement of the lower facial muscles.
  • hen it comes to thinking about everyday objects, we don't each have unique patterns of brain activation: On the whole, the regular patterns of brain activation that distinguished, say, "arm" from "airplane," or "telephone" from "shirt" were similar across all 11 subjects. 
Caramel Crow

BBC - Horizon - How to make better decisions - 1 views

    Update to `A Theory of Unconscious Thought', submitted on 6-10-2008
Caramel Crow

New Study Suggests That Conscious Thought Leads To Better Choices - 2 views

    Update to `A Theory of Unconscious Thought', submitted on 6-10-2008
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