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Flavia Broffoni: Non-violent civil disobedience against the climate crisis | Flavia Bro... - 0 views

    "The time is now: the crisis resulting from climate change is huge, impossible to ignore, and demands an immediate response of an unprecedented magnitude in our history. Flavia Broffoni is the leader of Extinction Rebellion in Argentina, and tells us how civil disobedience is one of the ways for the world to remain our world and last for long. She is a political scientist specializing in international relations and environmental policy, but she defines herself as an "anti-extinction activist and regenerative practitioner." Among many works, she was Policy Coordinator of the Wildlife Foundation / WWF and Director of Environmental Strategies of the Environmental Protection Agency of the City of Buenos Aires. She is the founder of AI.Re, a regenerative intelligence accelerator and coordinates the non-violent civil disobedience movement "Extinction Rebellion" in Argentina. "
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