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Ricardo Rivera

Nota - What's Nota? - 2 views

    Casual Collaboration para educación.  Whiteboard like
Sandra Vega

Feature: State of the Blogosphere 2009 - Technorati - 0 views

Ricardo Rivera

Cornell Notetaking Method Custom PDF Generator - 4 views

    • Ricardo Rivera
      Bastante util diria yo...
Rafael Ribas

Intended Consequences - 0 views

  • “So, what knowledge do you possess that a 16 year old kid couldn’t look up on Google?”
  • Synthesis.


    Problem solving.

    Sound familiar? 21st Century learning skills.

  • Someone needs to be able to take knowledge, apply knowledge, and create with knowledge. Just knowing something is no longer how we should be teaching our children.
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  • how do you convince teachers that have been teaching the same way for 35 years that they need to start teaching the experience as well as the basic knowledge> Do we just wait for them to die?
Rafael Ribas

The Map Is Not The Territory: the changing face of the edublogosphere at - 0 views

  • I think we all need to maintain a focus on school change
  • We no longer send our kids to school where they are sectioned off by grade level
    • Rafael Ribas
      We don't??
  • I think more people are twittering than reading RSS, particularly the blogging type.

    There are lot of people adding us all to their RSS readers for the sake of having an RSS reader but not really to converse.

    • Rafael Ribas
      I disagree... I still don't see the point of twitter, and I read only the stuff that makes me think. More and more I am starring, deliciousing (and now also diigoing) and hopefully sharing items on my reader. I am building up a set of tools, not just talking about them.
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  • we need people in classrooms arguing for change and showing what can be done. I’m a bit concerned that all of the ‘best’ people are going to end up as full-time consultants…
  • if I can provoke teachers to consider what these technologies mean in terms of their own learning, and help them then think about the changes in terms of their classrooms, then so be it
  • And where would newbies find these seminal posts?
    • Rafael Ribas
      My thoughts exactly!
Ana Ovando

RSSmeme | Most Popular Stories From The Last 24 Hours - 0 views

shared by Ana Ovando on 16 Mar 08 - Cached
    Para compartir RSS de google reader, encontrar usuarios con artículos semejantes.
Boris Mir

Web Oficial del libro Planeta Web 2.0. Inteligencia colectiva o medios fast food - 0 views


    Planeta Web 2.0. Inteligencia colectiva o medios fast food,
    de los investigadores Cristóbal Cobo Romaní y Hugo
    Pardo Kuklinski
    (con prólogo de Alejandro Piscitelli),
    pretende desde su primer capítulo
    ser un aglutinador de ideas, al diseñar un breve marco teórico
    para el darwinismo digital de la World Wide Web y recopilar un vasto
    de lecturas para aquellos interesados en comprender y profundizar
    en este momento evolutivo de Internet.
Boris Mir

E-Learning Tools - 0 views



    This is a growing Directory of over 1,600
    learning tools

    ranging from "traditional" course development
    tools through 21st century (E-Learning 2.0) collaboration and sharing tools
    as well as tools for personal learning.

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