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Ask the Mediatrician - 0 views

    Children and Media/Technology

Tech Sherpas - 0 views


SchoolCIO Blogs - DAILY INSIGHT: 10 rules for a successful edtech program that have lit... - 1 views

  • DAILY INSIGHT: 10 rules for a successful edtech program that have little to do with tech, part 1

Wiki-Teacher - 0 views

    Wiki-Teacher was founded in October 2005 with the goal of harnessing the collective intelligence of educators. The task of educating children is exhilarating in its importance and monumental in its scope. For educators to achieve the goal of teaching every child, all educators must work together to share resources, insights, and talents.
    "The mission of Wiki-Teacher is to provide a resource collaboratively created by teachers to give them the tools to lead every student to success."
    All of the resources on Wiki-Teacher are generated by educators across the Clark County School District and educators from across the country. Because the members of Wiki-Teacher generate the content of the site, we are able to provide all of the site content without charge and free of advertising. Resources on Wiki-Teacher are divided into three categories:
    Lessons & Units
    Demonstration Videos
    Unwrapped Standards

iFixit: The free repair manual - 0 views

    If you are into do it yourself tech repairs - this site got me through two hard drive replacements today on iMacs. Apple's engineering and design are magnificent, but they sacrifice repair ease in doing so. I might even replace my iPhone battery right now.
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