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IN Too

Three Steps to Freedom « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    A Believer becomes new creation at the point of salvation, but that new man does not automatically have control over the old, but still present, sin-nature. Sanctification is the process of putting to death that old sin nature so that Christ can reign in us… a Believer with God's Word incorporated his/her heart is Word-driven and Spiritually centered, free from the power of sin.
Cody Lorance

The Christ-Follower and the Law: We are not Under the Law - 0 views

    If Jesus came to fulfill the Law, not to cancel it, does it not mean we are still under the Law?
IN Too

Hope for the Future gives us Hope for the Present « Reflections in the WORD - 0 views

    Jesus' resurrection… gives us hope that we too can live our lives unburdened by sin/sinfulness/the sin-nature. We have a hope for the present, for our day-to-day walk, that sin does not have to rule over our lives: Jesus' resurrection means we are free.
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