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Barbara Lindsey

ID and Other Reflections: 21st Century Workplace Challenges - 0 views

  • Given this situation, it is clear that some of the following are needed to build a workplace that innovates—in other words—a learning organization:
    Thx 2 Thomas Sauer for posting this link. (An absolutely critical means for me to find information about topics I am passionate about and that promote my deepening understanding of issues key to my ongoing professional development is allowing those with similar passions to curate findings for me and to likewise do the same for others.)

    "My understanding of today's workplace:
    Predictable, routine tasks are being either automated or outsourced, or soon will be.
    Knowledge workers are increasingly taking more responsibility for their work as well as personal growth.
    Hierarchy is being replaced by wirearchy.
    Managers are being replaced by leaders, coaches, and facilitators, or will be.
    The kinds of work being done are those that defy being codified into step-lists or guidelines.
    The problems are complex-often chaotic-and resist solving using best practices or yore.
    Ambiguity, complexity and chaos are replacing the predictable, known, and simple.
    The competitive edge is the ability to problem solve quickly and innovatively.
    The day of individual stars are past; it is time for collaborative team work.
    Routine expertise, based on set skills and crystallized intelligence, is being superseded by a need for more adaptive expertise and fluid intelligence." 
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