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Barbara Lindsey

The Vod Couple -- THE Journal - 0 views

    Article on two high school chem teachers videotaping lessons to help diverse learners.
Barbara Lindsey

Educational Vodcasting - 0 views

    Two high school teachers give students chem materials to view prior to class. They believe this can help students in math, science and foreign languages.
Barbara Lindsey

Educational Trends « Beyond WebCT: Integrating Social Networking Tools Into L... - 0 views

  • can one annotate on electronic books
  • “We must rethink ourselves.”
  • there is still a certain hierarchy that needs to be in place or else personal interest will become conflated with the interests of grading (we are still vested with a certain institutional authority, whether or not this is a pedagogical approach)
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  • I share your worry about technology becoming a roadblock instead of an open door in teaching.
  • Hopefully, as these approaches become more common and institutionalized, it there will be more opportunities to receive support from colleagues and other educators in their implementation.
  • Online materials are not necessarily peer reviewed, and those which are protected by copyright end up with inflated prices. I am not sure what the answer to this problem might be, but it is something that I would like to examine further in class.
  • Both the teacher AND the students become the LEARNERS.
  • The learners will label, name and design…
    2. The learners will paraphrase, explain and illustrate…
    3. The learners will demonstrate, prepare and solve…
    4. The learners will differentiate, analyze and infer…
    5. The learners will devise, revise and integrate…
    6. The learners will evaluate, critique and compare…
    • Barbara Lindsey
      Bloom's taxonomy
  • both assume a business model of competition and profit. Education needs to maintain its sovereignty from what is really a form of hegemony.
  • But that the existence of such technology necessitates a total rethinking of the whole process seems like a power grab by a pervasive form of administration that stems from the business world. It is ridiculous that to be able simply to sit with a book in one’s lap and not be compelled to maintain permanent connectivity has become an act of resistance.
  • And I didn’t really want to hear the opinions of the other students who didn’t know anything more than I did. Or rather, it was nice to have discussions about the professor’s lecture, but without the lecture, there wouldn’t have been anything to discuss. We would have a book club, not a class.
  • By de-emphasizing content and knowledge, we’re turning students into middlemen who will know how to use technology to present a given subject matter, but who will be free to forget it as soon as the next task arrives on their desk.
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