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Jeff Steely

Developing an Institutional Research Data Management Plan Service | - 0 views

  • nstitutions and researchers have worked together for years on streamlining and improving campus processes to sustain institutional research at all levels. The challenges have been and are many. The new EDUCAUSE ACTI Data Management Working Group (ACTI-DM) white paper, Developing an Institutional Research Data Management Plan Service, provides guidance on developing research data management planning services at higher education institutions, based on a broad sampling of trends in these services at institutions across the U.S. and internationally.

    This white paper includes three key sections:

    • What Should be Included in the Data Management Plan (DMP)
    • Developing a DMP Service at Your Institution
    • Skill Sets Required for a DMP Consulting Service
Ellen Filgo

Joint Statement on Faculty Status of College and University Librarians | AAUP - 0 views

  • Indeed, all members of the academic community are likely to become increasingly dependent on skilled professional guidance in the acquisition and use of library resources as the forms and numbers of these resources multiply, scholarly materials appear in more languages, bibliographical systems become more complicated, and library technology grows increasingly sophisticated. The librarian who provides such guidance plays a major role in the learning process.
  • Because the scope and character of library resources should be taken into account in such important academic decisions as curricular planning and faculty appointments, librarians should have a voice in the development of the institution’s educational policy.
sha towers

5 Things Every Presenter Should Know About People, Animated | Brain Pickings - 0 views

    this book looks really intriguing and don't miss the author's 5 minute video summary on this page!
sha towers

At Libraries, Quiet Makes a Comeback - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 0 views

  • The buzzing of smartphones, the clacking of computer keys, the chatter of study groups: Academic libraries aren't the quiet temples to scholarship they used to be. Personal portable technology takes some of the blame. So does the current pedagogical emphasis on group work. In response to students' devices and habits, many librarie
  • According to Elizabeth Leslie Bagley, director of library services, the students asked for designated quiet zones. "They supported the idea of not having laptops and iPods" in those spaces, she says. "They are pretty vigilant about policing it."
sha towers

Explore - "Cities smash us together. Cities force us to... - 1 views

    pondering the ways this applies to libraries and liaison services
sha towers

The Gamification of Education and Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Learning Benefits | ... - 0 views

    wondering what we can learn from this area and apply in our current (or future?) student engagement?
sha towers

Reading Intentionally Online - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 0 views

    The accumulation of feeds becomes one more thing to check, one more inbox to process. Nobody likes seeing their unread items count spiral out of control, and quickly skimming headlines to catch up doesn't feel like engaged reading.

    Brett Kelly has recently described why he quit RSS in an effort to read more intentionally:

    I realized that, for some reason I couldn't quite recall, I felt obligated to stay abreast of new developments in technology and such.
    That fabricated obligation led me to routinely scan big lists of headlines and, more often than not, mark the whole mess as "read" and go on to something else. Imagine this happening 2-4 times per day and I was spending between 10-30 minutes per day skimming or ignoring stuff that, for the most part, wasn't what I wanted to read.

    Instead of obsessively checking his RSS feeds, Brett has committed to reading longer material (in his Kindle) and to using Instapaper for managing blog and news posts that he'd like to read. How does he discover those posts, if he's not subscribed to hundreds of feeds every day? Twitter:
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