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Murray Zimmerman

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started by Murray Zimmerman on 20 Apr 12
  • Murray Zimmerman

    • Forming a corporation:

    For this activity, divide the students into teams of five to six. Now keep these things open their own corporation. They have to decide on which kind of goods or services they are going to produce or provide. The students also need to decide on the corporation structure and what departments are needed to run the corporation. Furthermore, they should outline the different duties of each division in product manufacturing and sales. After the discussion, group representatives do a presentation in class. This activity can be developed to include written work such as reports and business options. This may well become an expanded project!


    Tutoring can be an extremely beneficial approach to help education. Students who work one-on-one using a professional teacher have good learning experiences, improved attitudes and self-perception, leading to increased confidence, and far better grades. Students report feeling well informed and enthusiastic and parents feel more relaxed and secure knowing their child is receiving professional one-on-one support. Tutoring can also get extremely rewarding on both a personal level and financially. Here are some guidelines for tutoring:

    Get to know your student

    When meeting your student for the first time, it is important to take more time to get to know your student on the personal level. Try together with establish some common interests and initiate positive communication. Make sure you are able to say your student's name correctly and that your student knows your name.

    A constructive learning environment

    Keep your tutoring takes place in a relatively quiet location with minimal distractions. Check that you and the student have everything required for the lesson to avoid interruptions.

    Establishing an appropriate level

    It is a good idea to begin tutoring at a level your student can overcome and one that gives a certain degree of achievements. After listening and observing your student for some time, you will be able to establish his / her level. Be prepared to become flexible in your teaching methods and approaches to suit the particular student's personality and learning needs. One must always assess the students' strengths and weaknesses to formulate an approach which will best help them improve. There are several good books about business that will native English speakers read. If you know more than enough about business, these books in many cases are easier to understand than a novel written in British. There are several modern non fiction books about management, economics, consumer psychology, and many others.

    5. Talk with native English English speakers about business topics. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you are uncertain about certain words. Make sure that that native English speaker is in addition interested in the subject or it's going to be a waste of everyone's time and energy.

    If you follow those 5 steps you will find yourself well on your method to learning more vocabulary and making more money.
    Business English email writing does not have to always be done in the old school "professional" approach. Most people use their email in order to communicate with their best freinds and family. They usually will not check their email to see types of sales are offered from some company. is ingilizcesi

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