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edi campell

Be a Good Digital Citizen: Tips for Teens and Parents - 0 views

    Be a Good Digital Citizen: Tips for Teens and Parents In Digital citizenship by Common Sense Me..., on 12.13.2010 Omaha Town Hall Highlights watch video 5 Essential Facts of Digital Life Kids are the creators. It's all about participating; communicating; making music, images, and videos; and posting written content. And the content that's there? Kids must be able to know whether it's credible or not. Everything happens in front of a vast, invisible, and often anonymous audience. Once something is out there, it lasts for a long time. Everything leaves a digital footprint. Information cannot be controlled. Anything can be copied, changed, and shared instantly. Distance and anonymity separate actions and consequences. Kids think they can get away with unethical or unacceptable behavior because they don't see immediate consequences. Advice & Answers With Power Comes Responsibility Digital Citizenship Tips for Teens Digital Citizenship Tips for Parents and Teachers With Power Comes Responsibility In fall 2010, Common Sense Media brought its digital citizenship campaign to Omaha, Neb., in the first of many joint town hall events with MTV and the Family Violence Prevention Fund. Combining MTV's "A Thin Line" campaign with the Family Violence Prevention Fund's "That's Not Cool" initiative, the town halls are designed to generate honest discussion and open the lines of communication between parents and teens about the issues at play when growing up in a digital world. In Omaha, a panel of teens, a teacher, and a parent discussed the challenges and opportunities of living in a public and powerful online world and what it means to be a good digital citizen. Nothing was off-limits: The panel covered everything from privacy and cyberbullying to protecting online reputation and how digital communication affects a teen's everyday relationships. In the video above, Omaha teens express what they love about their digital lives -- as well as what they struggle wit
edi campell

Doc Cop - 0 views

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