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diane darrow

The 4 Big Reasons You Should Try Mobile Learning | Edudemic - 0 views

    Short and concise commentary on the benefits of mobile learning
diane darrow

Teachers with Apps - Because Not All Apps are Created Equal - 1 views

    full of great app recommendations
Janet Cerni

Education Week: Educators Evaluate Learning Benefits of iPad - 1 views

  • centerpiece of a social studies curriculum that blends online and face-to-face learning.
  • supplement
  • But such rapid adoption of a device with such a short history means that figuring out the best educational use can involve a lot of trial and erro
  • ...23 more annotations...
  • “Is this the best use of our funds, or is it simply a tool to engage and motivate our students?”
  • “Of course, technology has that capability, but is that always the best angle?”
  • In September, Virginia announced the purchase of 350 iPads for 4th, 7th, and 9th graders in four counties to test the use of the device as a 1-to-1 computing tool in social studies classrooms.
  • th and 9th grade classes used gaming and assessment applications
  • Pearson
  • personalize reading assignments based on proficiency,
  • e-text feature
  • most teachers and students supported continuing the pilo
  • Pearson officials say their material would be more refined a second time around after learning their own lessons about designing content.
  • that can lead you to want to overload the presentation.”
  • Excluding the fad factor, experts say there are legitimate reasons for educational interest.
  • For this to work, really, next year, you need to have a team—one or two or three teachers—who will just sit down and go through this and put stuff on there that’s going to matter,” he says. “Trying to do it during the school year is just crazy.”
  • Teachers in the pilot also reported having to learn on the fly.
  • iPad to help highlight key vocabulary words
  • some apps to help students understand fractions and decimals
  • definitely a work in progress
  • The question may be whether the iPad is best suited as a 1-to-1 device or to be shared as part of a stable of digital classroom tools.
  • students can choose which device to use for an ongoing book-publishing project
  • students rotate between workstations
  • 34,000-student Irving Independent School District, where all high schools follow a 1-to-1 computing model, about 10 students and 20 administrators are testing an assortment of tablet-computing devices to see how they would meet their daily needs
  • administrators
  • tablets to access their calendars and email while on the run through campus, as well as how to use their touch-screen capabilities to check off rubrics for teacher evaluations like they would with an evaluation form.
  • RANDA Solutions,
diane darrow

iPad Resources - 1 views

    List of links on another school districts iPad Resources site. Similiar to CPS
diane darrow

iPads in Chicago Public Schools - 1 views

    Chicago public schools iPad resource page. Great place to visit. iPads in all grades, excellent tracking of services and assessment procedures.
diane darrow

Teaching Teachers iPad Ed Tech. Some reflections on an ongoing process. - iPads in Educ... - 0 views

    iPad professional development
diane darrow

Education Week's Digital Directions: Educators Evaluate Learning Benefits of iPad - 2 views

    In September, Virginia announced the purchase of 350 iPads for 4th, 7th, and 9th graders in four counties to test the use of the device as a 1-to-1 computing tool in social studies classrooms.
diane darrow

The iPad Classroom | - 0 views

    "Following the iPad's emergence in the elementary classroom"
diane darrow

Collegiate iPad User Group | iPads at Collegiate School - 0 views

    A blog about implementing iPads in the classroom. Links to other iPad user groups
diane darrow

iPads:Personally, Educationally & just for Fun - 1 views

    resources for iPad, video tutorials on how to use Pages
diane darrow

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand - iPad - 0 views

    Learning in Hand, classroom do's and don't, apple's iPad manual, bookmarked sites, feature list of apps, blog posts
diane darrow

iPads for Education | Victoria, Australia - 0 views

    Thorough website about implementation, apps, learning outcomes and technical tips
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