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Kiran Kuppa

A Visual Guide to Relative Layouts In Android » Mark Lapasa - 0 views

    " I will walk through the 4 kinds of Relative Layout use cases.

    1.Target view position in relation to parenting View Group (i.e. a layout container)
    2.Target view alignment in relation to parenting View Group
    3.Target view position in relation to another View
    4.Target view alignment in relation to another View
    We'll use Jack and Jill buttons to demonstrate this. The first two categories are in relation to a parent layout (Jack and the parent view group). The last two categories show laying out in relation to another View (i.e. Jack + Jill)"
Kiran Kuppa

HoloEverywhere · GitHub - 1 views

    Holo Everywhere is an android library /extension to be able to use Holo theme on older android devices as well 
Kiran Kuppa

Android Layout Tricks #3: Optimize by merging - 1 views

    The was created for the purpose of optimizing Android layouts by reducing the number of levels in view trees.When the LayoutInflater encounters this tag, it skips it and adds the children to the parent.You can also use when you create a custom composite view. 
Kiran Kuppa

How to Position Views Properly in Layouts | Think Android - 0 views

    "First off, the difference between android:gravity and android:layout_gravity is that android:gravity positions the contents of that view (i.e. what's inside the view), whereas android:layout_gravity positions the view with respect to its parent (i.e. what the view is contained in). "
Kiran Kuppa

New Layout Widgets: Space and GridLayout - 0 views

    "Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) sports two new widgets that have been designed to support the richer user interfaces made possible by larger displays: Space and GridLayout."
Kiran Kuppa

GridLayout support library for older Android devices - 0 views

    "This library provides a version of GridLayout that works across all versions of Android 1.5+. As a side effect, this library also includes the lightweight Space as well."
Kiran Kuppa

Android: Dynamic and Custom Title Bars - 0 views

    Arguably the worst part in playing around with Android is its insistence to put that ugly title bar above everything I do as a default to Activities. Thankfully, the framework allows one to change this behavior.This post is going to explore the ways in which we can create custom title bars and more importantly just how far we can push the limits.
Kiran Kuppa

Modern Android UI Patterns | Javalobby - 2 views

    " In the latest Android Design in Action Roman Nurik (watch in YouTube) did a great roundup of UI design patterns that have not yet made their way to the official guidelines but are starting to appear in apps more frequently"
Vincent Tsao

java - remove notification bar shadow in android app - Stack Overflow - 0 views

  • <!-- Variation on the Light theme that turns off the title -->
    <style name="Theme.IOSched" parent="android:style/Theme.Light">
    <item name="android:windowNoTitle">true</item>
    <item name="android:windowContentOverlay">@null</item>
  • The android:windowContentOverlay is your shadow, and setting it to @null in your theme will eliminate it. You can see this in action in the Google I|O 2010 conference app, which uses many of the same UI conventions as does the new Twitter app. However, right now, the Twitter app has not yet been open-sourced, which is why I point you to the I|O app. The code fragment above is from that app's styles.xml resource.
Vincent Tsao

Android Interaction Patterns | - 3 views

  • This is, a set of interaction patterns that can help you design Android apps. An interaction pattern is a short hand summary of a design solution that has proven to work more than once. Please be inspired: use them as a guide, not as a law.
    • Simon Pan
    • Vincent Tsao
      应该是,只介绍UI, UE而已
Vincent Tsao

AndroidDevBlog » Clean and user-friendly UIs with ActionBar - 0 views

  • The concept of ActionBar has been introduced with the Twitter application for Android. More recently, we have seen this widget in the Google I/O 2010 schedule application. To sum up, an ActionBar can be considered as an advanced title bar that is capable of:

    • containing several ActionBaritems (similar to buttons)
    • being styled so that the general look’n'feel of the application is in accordance with the underlying brand/visual identity
    • containing a title to show the user a summary of the screen content
    • featuring several user interaction pattern.
Vincent Tsao

Android Developers Blog: Twitter for Android: A closer look at Android's evolving UI pa... - 1 views

  • Additionally, you can feel free to use the Search bar selection mechanism as a replacement for tabs since it’s really just a fast pivot on a data set. If you have more than 3 data sets, tabs become problematic since no more than 3 can be onscreen at once. For example, look at how we implemented the Profile switching mechanism below:
  • The good news for developers is you get this highly functional contacts feature for free if users choose to sync contact information into your app
    • Vincent Tsao
      使用tab & pop-up window的方式来切换不同的数据集,作为tab的一种替换
  • The good news for developers is you get this highly functional contacts feature for free if users choose to sync contact information into your app. QuickContact for Android provides instant access to a contact's information and communication modes.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • QuickActions can be used as a replacement for our traditional dialog invoked by long press.
  • The dashboard pattern serves as a home orientation activity for your users. It is meant to include the categories or features of your application. We recommend including an Action bar on this screen as well.

    The dashboard can be static or dynamic. For example, in the case of our dashboard for Twitter, we used the goodness of Live Wallpapers introduced in 2.1 to create an animated dashboard complete with real-time trend bubbles and the Twitter bird silhouette.

  • You keep a search history so users upon returning to the search activity can have quick one-button access to previous searches.
Vincent Tsao

Google I/O - Turbo-charge your UI: How to Make your Android UI Fast and Efficient - 1 views

    • Vincent Tsao

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