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jacob logan

M&S supermarket strategy: Retailer shifts focus from fashion to food - 0 views

    UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has announced it plans to open a chain of larger, supermarket-style shops that will focus on food in an attempt to appeal to families for their weekly shop, according to a Mail on Sunday report.
carsten martin

Pair of 8-10 oz North Australian Lobster Tails from Lobster Gram - - 3 views

    Sunday Surf & Turf with North Australian Lobster Tails and New York Strip Steak
    Whatever the recipe check out from this great site
Daily Kool

Today's Kool Idea: Wendy's Father's Day Frosty Weekend - 0 views

    This Father's Day weekend, we can all help change the lives of children in foster care, simply by treating ourselves and Dad to a Frosty. Seriously, folks...what's the hardship in that? For every Frosty product sold on Saturday and Sunday, Wendy's will donate $.50 to this worthwhile organization. Last year, more than $1.7 million was raised for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption during Wendy's Father's Day Frosty Weekend....let's do our part (albeit a small one) raise even more this year.
Daily Kool

Today's Kool Idea: Pour Thing 1 Gallon and 2 Litter Pouring Device - 0 views

    Sunday, our two boys decided to surprise us with a delicious breakfast in bed...a bowl of cereal is the extent of their culinary talents. As we were listening to them bustle about downstairs (yes, we know everything that goes on in our house), we had a debate as to who would spill milk all over the floor...yep, it was the seven year old! Poor things...they were so upset! Independence is always so important to little ones, but let's face it...those gallon jugs of milk are heavy! After we dried the kids tears and cleaned up the mess, we all sat down together for a family discussion...the thought was wonderful, but maybe next time they should surprise just one of us and recruit the other to help. Milk containers are just not designed with kids in mind.
Daily Kool

Today's Kool Idea: Carvel Ice Cream and Ice Cream Cake - 0 views

    Guess what The Daily Kool found out the other day? July is National Ice Cream Month! Apparently, President Ronald Reagan decided to help out the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) back in 1984 by recognizing this cool and creamy treat. How we possibly could not have known about this is beyond us...but, we would be remiss if we didn't honor President Reagan's memory by throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into the spirit of this very important holiday, right? Since the third Sunday of July is officially National Ice Cream Day, The Daily Kool will be featuring some "kool" ideas and recipes over the next week in celebration of this event. Oh yeah...we're definitely going to take advantage of this legitimate excuse to indulge in one of our sweetest obsessions!
Enic Bonhlam

Italian restaurant in Glen Waverley - 1 views

    If you are planning lunch or dinner out with family or friends in Glen Waverley, then Fedeles Italian Restaurant is best place for you. Fedeles offers modern Italian cuisine with unpretentious service and dining experience. We provide the best seasonal dishes available for you. Our fine dining options offer a la carte menu available dinners and Sunday lunch and a 2 course lunch menu offered with a glass of wine. Choose one of the best Italian restaurants for your loved ones.
gina syarif

Mashed Potato Layer Bake | Love My Philly - 1 views

    When they come together as one, white potatoes and sweet potatoes make an excellent team! Taste the super duo in this Mashed Potato Layer Bake.

adbbokr does brunch - 0 views

Sunday Brunch is growing in popularity in London. See my Adbookr review, it is a very good meal eaten at a leisurely pace and that is all that matters really.

adbookr lunch london

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