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Anurag Sharma

Recipes,Indian Recipes,Popular Dishes From India,Famous Indian Cusine,Indian Food and R... - 0 views

    Explore the most famous dishes of Indian Cuisine. Get access to best and easy recipes to prepare famous delicacies of India. Get detailed information on the method of preparation and ingredients of famous Vegetarian and Non vegetarian dishes, Famous Snacks and Sweet Dishes, Rice Recipes, Dal Recipes, Soup Recipes, Chutneys, Pickles, Breads and Beverages of India. Explore the dishes for special occasions and festivals in Festival Cuisine. Get the method to learn the most famous recipes like recipe of shahi paneer, shahi paneer recipe, sarson ka saag recipe, shahi paneer recipe, chicken recipes, chole recipe, shahi paneer, gobi manchurian gravy, sarson ka saag recipe, bisibelebath recipe, south indian food recipes, sambar recipe, north indian recipes, surfindia recipes. Experience the variety in taste of India in North Indian Cuisine, South Indian Cuisine and Mughlai Cuisine.
Igor S

Vegetarian Black Beans With Rice - 0 views

    A delicious Caribbean meal prepared with very little added fat. Each serving provides 500 Calories and only about 5g fat.
dege dege

Healthy Meal Plan | Cheap, Low Calorie, Vegetarian Meal Plan - 0 views

    Provides You With The Best Information For Healthy Meal Plan, Low Calorie Meals, Cheap Meals, Disney Meal Plan, and Vegetarian Meal Plan.

How Tel Aviv became the vegan capital of the world - 0 views

    With 400 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, Tel Aviv isn't joking when it calls itself the plant-based capital of the world
Cathyrine Kramer

Barbecue Catering With A Difference - 0 views

    Thinking about catering is always a great stress on an event, but have you considered barbecue catering? With BBQ catering, you really are giving your guests something with a difference and something that everyone likes. Barbeque catering can even be arranged for vegetarians, who are likely to enjoy some grilled vegetables. Using BBQ caterers really is catering with a difference.
Mike Hudson

Chile Cheese Casserole - 1 views

    This Mexican dish is MUCH healthier than the normal fare - and just as delicious! Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Lightly coat a rectangular 2-quart baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Coarsely crush the chips by hand and spread half of them into the bottom of the baking dish..................

Zucchini, haloumi and herb tarts - 0 views

    Zucchini, haloumi and herb tarts This vegetarian tart can be served up in half an hour - just have your ingredients and kitchen tools ready! Nutrition Energy 1522kJ; Fat saturated 10.00g; Fat Total 23.00g; Carbohydrate sugars 4.00g; Carbohydrate Total 16.00g; Dietary Fibre -; Protein 23.00g; Cholesterol -; Sodium 937.06mg. Share This Recipe with your friends if you Liked. Thank you #FoodRecipes #Recipes #Food #Quick&Easy #Salad #Pasta #Breakfast #Soup #Dessert #Pizza #World cuisines

Reduced-fat vegetable quiche - 0 views

    Reduced-fat vegetable quiche A low-fat vegetarian quiche - what could be better? Nutrition Energy 2448kJ; Fat saturated 14.00g; Fat Total 30.00g; Carbohydrate sugars 5.00g; Carbohydrate Total 49.00g; Dietary Fibre -; Protein 33.00g; Cholesterol -; Sodium 529.36mg. Share This Recipe with your friends if you Liked. Thank you #FoodRecipes #Recipes #Food #Quick&Easy #Salad #Pasta #Breakfast #Soup #Dessert #Pizza #World cuisines
nicole smith

Vegetarian Breakfast Smoothie Guaranteed to Give You Energy! - 0 views

    This easy recipe will provide you all the protein you need to have wonderful energy throughout the day while providing all the protein you need
carsten martin

Garlic Broccoli Video Recipe - - 0 views

    Chef Keith Snow creates an easy, healthy, and kid-friendly vegetarian broccoli dish.
Vortege Ville

Recipes for Health: Hearty Do-Ahead Dishes - Recipes for Health - 0 views

    This week's hearty one-dish vegetarian meals are meant to appeal to families that include a mix of meat-eaters and vegetarians.
Cary Ellis

How to cook Vegetarian Black Bean Soup - 0 views

    Black beans carry memories of 7,000 years in ancient Inca and Mayan cultures. Soak long and cook slow, as if over an open fire - see what memories stir in you as they do in me.
Uthen Kamsurin

Oyster Sauce | Cook Asian Food - 0 views

    Oyster Sauce was first created in China in 1888 and is made, unsurprisingly, with oysters. However, there is a vegetarian Oyster Sauce that is made with mushrooms, usually Oyster Mushrooms.
Chris Ingallina

Tortellini Skewers - 1 views

    Ingallina offers best vegetarian lunch box catering services including tortellini skewers with fresh mozzarella balls, teardrop tomatoes and pesto dipped cheese tortellini.
Vortege Ville

Apples and squash offer autumnal take on lasagna - - 0 views

    This is a deliciously sweet and savory main course perfect for a vegetarian Thanksgiving.
Mike Hudson

Got a hankering for Italian but trying to avoid greasy pizza? Corn and Broccoli Calzone... - 1 views

    Combine broccoli, corn, mozzarella, ricotta, scallions, basil, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a large bowl. On a lightly floured surface, divide dough into 6 pieces. Roll each piece into an 8-inch circle...................
John MCcain

The Taste You're Looking For - Asian Restaurant North Perth - 0 views

    Asian Restaurant North Perth now you don't have to leave the country you don't have to journey far and wide we offer a wide array of Asian dishes! for entrée and main course we serve only the most tender beef the tastiest chicken fresh seafood just for you. Enjoy our soup to the last drop vegetarian recipes are available we serve it hot, Spicy, Healthy! You can dig in to our delicious desserts An Asian restaurant in Australia
Ong Lay Wan

Vegetables Days - 0 views

Without refrigerator, we are used to be a vegetarian all the time :) Anyway, is good for health right ?

started by Ong Lay Wan on 21 Oct 13 no follow-up yet
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