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    A kitchen is an inherent part of every home, definitely a place where a lot of time is spent. Thus, it should be designed for convenience, efficiency and functionality. These days there are many architects and designers who can help spend on a contemporary or a modern Kitchen, which is stylish, chic and classy with convenience and functionality. Modular kitchens at homes for better space management and convenient access to stored items has gained wide acceptability all over. The best part of such kitchens is that they can be custom built to suit the dimensions of any kitchen and can be modified at a later stage to accommodate changes in the cooking area. The basic concept involved lies in creating smart cabinets that can contain much more items than conventional kitchens by better design of the holding shelves. The arrangement of the cabinets is also intelligently planned to ensure that they can be opened with ease and their contents accessed without disturbing other portions. Modular kitchens also have provisions for lighting and electrical fitments for cooking appliances suitably placed. Modular kitchen designs are the latest trend in contemporary kitchens. Modular kitchen refers to ready-to-install prefabricated units assembled to form the kitchen interiors. Kitchen has always been the most functional area of the house, and thus the most tedious to maintain. And present lifestyles leave us with little time to devote to such activities. Here modular kitchen designs comes to rescue. Any interior space undergoes three phases during its entire lifecycle-the creation phase, the utility phase and the restoration phase. The advantage of modular kitchen designs is that it provides unmatched benefits in all the three phases. The immense popularity of kitchen islands can be attributed to the storage space they provide. It must be familiar that the kitchen island can be put to numerous uses. To mention a few, it can serve as a convenient breakfast nook, a decent cooktop
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