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Sheriff says baby dies after being left in car by mistake | Fox News - 5 views

    This is ridiculous
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    How do you forget about the very thing that was growing inside you for 9 months
    everyday i lose more faith in humanity
    Was she on anything. You think she would have heard the child in the back claiming she thought she dropped the child off.
    How do you forget your 8 month old son is in the backseat?
    You can;t forget a baby. They will cry and you would know if you loved and cared about your child as to if they would still be in the car or not.
    If you forget about having your baby in the car, then that's just considered bad parenting and she should just be charged.

Police Reportedly Claim a Brooklyn Teen Consented to Sex in Custody. That's Impossible. - 0 views

    How do yall feel about this? personally think this is awful and that these cops are sick and disgusting.

Supreme Court decision is 'a constitutional coming out party' for social media - Jun. 1... - 1 views

    "On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that sex offenders can't be broadly banned from using social media."
Bryan Pregon

Colorado Political Candidate Promises to Give His Seat to an App - Motherboard - 1 views

    "This is how it will work: If more than 50 percent of people in his community vote "yes" on an issue through the app, Casas will vote the same way they do. Only in the event of a tie would he be forced to make a decision based on his own beliefs."

Trump to Puerto Rico: It's your own fault (Opinion) - CNN - 0 views

    sometimes I can't fathom the sheer idiocy of some people

Puerto Rico's hurricane death toll rises to 45 - CNN - 2 views

    I think it's sad that so many people are dead, trapped, or injured because of the storm.
    I wish the red cross and others trying to help Puerto Rico could get there quicker and hopefully do more to keep the death tolls down.
moises morales

The racist next door - CNN - 1 views

    They have to understand that there's only so much law enforcement can do. Instead of trying to move the violent racist man from his home, maybe it would've been a good idea to relocate themselves.
    Law can only do so much they should remove themselves the situation so no one gets hurt

Haunting or hoax? Irish school posts video of 'ghosts' caught on camera - 1 views

shared by malachik on 12 Oct 17 - No Cached
    hoax the wind could have caused this
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