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582 members total, 15 receiving alerts immediately, 329 receiving alerts daily, and 101 receiving alerts weekly.
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  • Ian Yang

    Ian Yang

    just a happy diigoer! ;)

    shared 222 items

    member since 2007-03-13

  • c newsom

    c newsom

    Artist, educator, coffee drinker

    shared 133 items

    member since 2009-01-08

  • shared 71 items

    member since 2009-04-27

  • yc c

    yc c

    There's a big misunderstanding about SOCIAL software - definition of 'social': - characterised by friendly companionship or relations. (spamming is NOT friendly, it's rude and selfish)

    shared 60 items

    member since 2010-03-06

  • shared 57 items

    member since 2009-12-14

  • Mark Harding

    Mark Harding

    shared 42 items

    member since 2009-01-17

  • Taylor Wilson

    Taylor Wilson

    Love Interior design, photography, and art!

    shared 35 items

    member since 2011-09-16

  • stvalentine stvalentine

    stvalentine stvalentine

    StValentine is a single male,22, Eager to make friends all over the world and share useful information. Interested in All technology, Automotive, Real Estate, and all the current events that go around. I'm interested in People( Male,Female)who have sense of humor, can share great information about...

    shared 33 items

    member since 2010-05-06

  • Al Tucker

    Al Tucker

    I teach kids Commercial Art at the Center for Arts & Technology in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

    shared 24 items

    member since 2010-01-01

  • Ann Darling

    Ann Darling

    9-12 art and multimedia teacher, also community college adjunct faculty. Interested in photography, photoshop, graphic design, drawing, ceramics, cycling, camping and backpacking in the Rocky Mountain West...whew!

    shared 22 items

    member since 2009-08-03

  • Garry Golden

    Garry Golden

    Garry Golden is a professionally trained Futurist (MS Future Studies) who writes, speaks, and consults on issues shaping society and business in the 21st century. Garry has consulted on wide range of projects related to the future of infrastructure for energy and transportation, education/learnin...

    shared 26 items

    member since 2011-07-28

  • shared 11 items

    member since 2010-02-22

  • shared 0 items

    member since 2010-11-01

  • lacolectiva lab

    lacolectiva lab

    Profesora universitaria en Bellas Artes.

    shared 9 items

    member since 2011-01-02

  • Mysticle W

    Mysticle W

    Entrepreneur: Co-owner of Rickbischoff - Rustic Contemporary Spirit eMarketing, Web 2.0, blogging, Art/Design, LoA, sustainability, animal rescue, nature-loving Sagittarius

    shared 8 items

    member since 2009-03-27

  • Jungle Jar

    Jungle Jar - For all of your Web Design, Web Development, Web Application, and everything inbetween type needs.

    shared 8 items

    member since 2009-03-31

  • shared 8 items

    member since 2009-08-24

  • shared 7 items

    member since 2010-11-04

  • Twelve21 Gallery

    Twelve21 Gallery

    We are a multi-faceted art gallery whose goal is to promote local art in various communities.

    shared 4 items

    member since 2010-10-28

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