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pacome delva

Condensation transition in networks and other complex systems - 4 views

    I like this work... it mixes physics, networks and biology !
    Anyone heard about her ?
    Here's an interesting paper found on this website:
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    Eh... Barabasi is really milking the golden cow :)

    It seems interesting, even if I don't remember enough from my statistical mechanics classes to truly understand it without a major effort. Maybe you could make a layman's science coffee about it?
    yeah i could if there's enough interest...?
    do u know Barabasi ?
    He's quite well known for his work on scale-free networks:

    He's applying them for everything and the kitchen sink :) We have a Barabasi-Albert network topology implemented in PaGMO...
    We worked on this with Luzi a few years back ... while the analogy is original and interesting it fails to capture the dynamics of a network, e.g. if a network has hubs that grow and shrink .... Luzi worked on an extended model to solve this issue, but, if I remember correctly, he got stuck in a computationally very hard problem .... We intended to develop and use the extended model to define relevant characteristic of the ESA network formed by mail exchanges.....
    ...but then the CMS YGT didn't really like the project
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