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Thijs Versloot

Thinking wind turbines - 0 views

    Siemens is using neural networks to improve operation of wind turbines, reducing maintenaince needs and improving output by one precent. It seems even that Siemens has quite a large neural network study group, probably linked to german universities, with various examples in practice (see websie)
Guido de Croon

Convolutional networks start to rule the world! - 2 views

    Recently, many competitions in the computer vision domain have been won by huge convolutional networks. In the image net competition, the convolutional network approach halves the error from ~30% to ~15%! Key changes that make this happen: weight-sharing to reduce the search space, and training with a massive GPU approach. (See also the work at IDSIA:

    This should please Francisco :)
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    where is Francisco when one needs him ...
    ...mmmmm... they use 60 million parameters and 650,000 neurons on a task that one can somehow consider easier than (say) predicting a financial crisis ... still they get 15% of errors .... reminds me of a comic we saw once ... cat
    I think the ultimate solution is still to put a human brain in a jar and use it for pattern recognition.
    Maybe we should get a stagiaire for this..?
Christos Ampatzis

BBC NEWS | Health | A step closer to reading the mind - 3 views

    memory cloning
    "It would be very easy not to co-operate, and then it wouldn't work", that's still the important part. I'm sure Dario LOVES this paper. Would be nice to have a coffee with him right now...
ESA ACT - 0 views

    Explanation of artificial neural networks (explains very nicely the basics of the programming behind Christos' PhD thesis)

Nissan BR23C robot car: Japanese bee craziness - Crave at - 0 views

    An short article about something called biomimetics. To all I understand, it is not.
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