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avivajazz  jazzaviva : feed your blog to twitter - 0 views

    Here's how to get your blog (or any other RSS or Atom feed) sent to popular microblogging platforms: # Decide which network(s) you want to blogging to bloggingfeed can blogging directly to blogging,, custom laconica installations, and via HelloTxt or, simultaneously to the many platforms supported by these services. # Login to bloggingfeed using your OpenID OpenID is a standard for providing single sign on between web sites You can register your own OpenID for free, or may even be able to use your existing blog ID [more]. Tell us the URL for your blog's RSS feed, and how often we should blogging on your behalf

La mitad de intereses internacionales en empresas españolas procede de la UE - Martes, 07 Junio 2016 (11:51) - 0 views

    • soniacalonso
  • SociedadRedes SocialesBlogs Viajes Virales ViralesJuegos y Tests Multimedia MultimediaÁlbumesVídeosEspaña is not SpainEl día en 24 fotos Vanitatis Servicios El ConfidencialCERRAR BuscarNewsletterInicia sesiónRegístrateACCEDER A LA COMUNIDADSALIR 685067 Facebook 546955 Twitter 3593 Google plus 4290 Youtube 1657 Instagram email contacto moderador elconfidencial <div cla
my mashable

Ashton Reaches One Million Fans on Facebook, Can he do it on Twitter? - 0 views

    Actor Ashton Kutcher recently challenged CNN to be the first to 1 million followers on the micro-blogging site, had more than 959,360 blogging followers as of 1 p.m. ET Thursday. CNN's breaking-news feed had about 12,000 more blogging fans, with some 968,000. But the real intresting part is the Ashton reaches one million fans on his Facebook fan page while am writing this blogging Ashton has1,037 ,940 fans on his Facebook fan page.

Twitter Introduced Mute Button To Silent Specific Users - 0 views

    Posted on May 14, 2014 by Altaf Gilani in blog with This week started with a super cool NEW feature launch announcement from Post. Post has introduced a new feature called "Mute" for people who is using Post from their iPhone app, Android app as well as
Jeff Johnson

What is Microblogging? (And Where Do I Get Started?) - 0 views

    Microblogging refers to the blogginging of very short updates about oneself. It is in contrast to long-form blogging, where there are usually at least a few hundred words. Microblog bloggings usually involve a few hundred characters or less. Instead of blogginging a message on their regular blog, people who microblog use Web services designed to make microblogging very easy.
Jeff Johnson

Rejaw melds microblogging with instant chat - 0 views

    No, we aren't going to let you take a break from checking out new social-status services; especially not when a new one is bringing something actually interesting to the table. Rejaw, just launched this week, describes itself as "a new way to chat with your friends, family, and coworkers." Combining short, Twitter-like messages with instant updates via custom push technology, Rejaw may have hit the sweet spot at the intersection of dead-simple, web-based microTwitter and conversation.
David Corking

Why I don't use Google Reader anymore - scobleizer's posterous - 6 views

  • Managing friends in Google Reader is slow, and hard to do
  • I see most news faster on Twitter than in Google Reader.
  • iPhone apps are much more robust and better for sharing, retweeting, etc. Google Reader apps (and I have five on my iPhone) don't make it easy to share and reading on them
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • It makes me feel guilty. I have 1,000 unread items. Twitter doesn't tell me that.
  • do we need "like" and "share" and "share with note?
  • Google Reader is FREAKING SLOW
  • I find that everyone I want to follow is on Twitter and brings in their stuff there.
    • David Corking
      I don't follow people who mostly link their own blog posts in post
    Very smart idea for your apps.
Graham Perrin About - 2 views

shared by Graham Perrin on 16 Oct 09 - Cached
  • who said what where
  • worse with the addition of services like, and
  • true conversation tracker
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • miss the comment streams on Digg or Disqus
  • does not link stories
  • on other sites
  • various sources
  • search for comments on your content
  • find other people that are commenting on the post and join the conversation
  • other blogs
  • Blogger/Blogspot, Digg, Disqus, FriendFeed, Google Blog Search, Google Reader,, IntenseDebate, Mixx, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter, TypePad/MoveableType and WordPress blogs
  • this list should expand
  • a lot of activity in this space
  • referred to YackTrack
Curt The Search

Beta Labs - AT&T Interactive » Blog Archive » Launches Email & Share - 0 views

    I was wondering how everyone kept posting their stuff on post!

BLOGGING 2.0 IN XXI CENTURY EDUCATION: I wish you a Christmas with peace my friends and my #edtech20 PLN ; the Birth of Son of God , the reason for Christmas . - 0 views

    I wish you a Christmas with peace my friends and my #edtech20 PLN ; the Birth of Son of God , the reason for Christmas . I invite you to join #edtech20 facebook page has a new look . Do you like ? If you like please post useful information for teachers related to integrating eSafety of new technologies web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 . Using #edtech20 hastag All the posts will appear on the main page . Let's collaborate and share knowledge toghether also when you join eSafety in #edtech20 PLN
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Twickie | Easiest Way to Archive a Twitter Response Thread! - 1 views

    View just your own tweets. Get @s to view all your replies. Then, easily view, easily export, easily create blog posts.

DEWIPOKER Agen Judi Online, Poker Online, Domino QQ, Bandar Ceme Online Terpercaya di I... - 2 views

DEWIPOKER Agen Judi Online, Poker Online, Domino QQ, Bandar Ceme Online Terpercaya di Indonesia

education web2.0 technology

started by nzawix1 on 22 Jan 19 no follow-up yet
Omar Cafini - 0 views

    Very useful tool to post message easily in al lot of social-service
    Very useful posting app
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